Can Librem 5 run Flutter linux desktop apps? Yep! I was able to successfully build and run my BodySculpting weightlifting workout app today on Librem 5 itself. Code once, build for Android, iOS, and Libremt5, how cool is that!

@tomek When I tried to build Flutter apps for ARM Linux last year, I could not do it. Is this easier now? If not, can you please do a short write up (or link to one), to help out?

@linmob It's a recent development made possible by a software engineer from Sony in this PR:

I just followed the official flutter linux install docs doing a manually install by cloning flutter directly from github master:

@linmob The only issue I ran into is that Librem5 has an older version of libgcrypt which still works but doesn't have a ".pc" file for it. I just manually created this file here: `/usr/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/pkgconfig/libgcrypt.pc`

@tomek is the pointless "my app" bar the window decoration and you can't get rid of it?

That's wasting quite a substantial amount of space

@reto That can be easily removed IF all you want to target is the mobile, but is a little more challenging if you want convergence: phone docked and used as a desktop. I have a few things I want to try with that:
- develop a plugin that lets the user manually turn off that bar on mobile
- perhaps make a smarter plugin that figures out when app is displaying on a mobile screen and automatically hide it but show on desktop
- plugin that lets flutter put native GNOME buttons on the native app bar

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