A few days ago I had an idea for a simple e-ink project and found Inkplate - an Open Hardware design with ESP32 and recycled Kindle displays.

Programmed it to wake up daily at midnight to download a PGM image over WiFi ( from a server which checks some stuff like trash collection schedule. Should last years on a single battery charge.

Check it out if you look for a super approachable way to build some e-ink stuff!

@dos These kind of projects look like a lot of fun.

Well done!

@dos great, I'm currently looking for such an display. I wanted to recycle an old kindle screen too. Did you buy the Board without the display?

@LittleJoeMuc Nope, I've only ever had one Kindle. Still have it - it's old, but it's "jailbroken" and still works fine as a reader, so there's no need to make it an organ donor :)

But from what I've seen on e-radionica forums it should be possible to get a displayless Inkplate, so I'd recommend getting in touch with them.

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