My first picture edited with my new workflow and 100% software!
As RAW converter was used and for selective editing was the programme of choice. My OS is of course 😄
I deleted Windows with all my products three months ago... And it was a good decision! 😅
Shot with my
20mm, F/1.8, 20 s, ISO-3200

Before and after editing 📷


@zwerg12 Amazing photo! I'm also in the process of discovering how to manage and process photos on Linux. Will have to checkout rawtherapee!

@tomek Thanks! I really really love RawTherapee! I normaly shoot weddings. I have used it for the last 4 weddings and I think it's an awesome piece of software. It takes a few images and some months of trial and error but after about 7000 images I am definitely as fast as I have been with Lightroom. And the Linux integration is excellent. One click and your pre processed photo opens with gimp.

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