Started using my own app for tracking weight lifting progress:

3x10 Barbell Lifts A:
- squat 85lbs
- bench press 85lbs
- deadlift 115lbs (1x10)

Can Librem 5 run Flutter linux desktop apps? Yep! I was able to successfully build and run my BodySculpting weightlifting workout app today on Librem 5 itself. Code once, build for Android, iOS, and Libremt5, how cool is that!

It's back to school for these guys (well, a few weeks ago but I'm just getting around to sharing few photos ;) Good luck boys! @chris @andrew and jacob

EZ 40km, chillaxing last time before Sunday. Time to rest now...

Last pool swim b4 Tri this sunday. I beat few personal records: fastest 100, 500, 1500y !

Fresh oil and filters, new battery, and clean out ports un-jammed. Ready to make some waves on Lake!

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