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Step 1: Get in da choppah
Step 2: Get over da volcano
There is no step 3!

The very rare Goth sea turtle only visits beaches as black as its soul.

Yes, we know you're excited; Yes, you can see the anodized chassis we got into this Aspen batch; Yes, we are asking you to be patient as we incrementally ship through tens of thousands of Librem 5 phones over the next handful of months; Yes, you will get yours. Yes, you will be impressed. @purism

It's called because it's finally cold enough to walk around in a black hoodie.

An amazing fact about this calculator: not only does it work without batteries, it works without access to my address book, location, and photo album! They were advanced in the olden days.

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Today's antique store find: an Addiator Duplex mechanical computer!

They were made in Germany from 1920 to the 1980s (obsoleted by electronic calculators). This one is from the '50s or later, due to "West Germany" reference in the instructions.

My run through of the Librem 5 privacy and security-focussed mobile phone... What a joy to finally have it in my hands! My congratulations to the extraordinary team at Purism.

My son successfully navigated my "MacGuyver obstacle course" featuring a lockpick set high out of reach, bomb-diffusing clues inside a padlocked bag, and a snap circuits "bomb" behind a locked bathroom door.

Sure, Spot is creepy, but on the plus side I'd be one step closer to owning my own "Rat Thing" and turning my van into Ng's "wheelchair" from Snow Crash!

Beat SMB1 in front of my family and almost beat it second time through in crazy fast beetle mode (died at 8-4).

The first Librem 5 smartphones are shipping “This is a big moment, not just for us as a company, but for everyone concerned about issues of privacy, security, and user freedom. The Librem 5 represents years of work, building the software and hardware required to make this phone a reality.” - Todd Weaver, founder and CEO of

Confession time: I used to put on the Hackers soundtrack when skating to work in SF. I also put on Master of Puppets when working on centralized config management.

It's strange that config files transitioned from key/value pairs into complex data structures at the same time that databases transitioned from complex data structures into key/value pairs.

But the flood that remained when it barely rained is not going to drain as soon as you close your eyes. NO!
And every time I scratch my pen to pay my city tax I hope you spend it. WHERE DID YOU SPEND IT?

Cuz I'm HERE to remind YOU
of the mess you left whenever it rains
It's not fair to deprive me,
of the kids I bred cuz the flood won't drain

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In honor of those of you dealing with Houston's infrastructure:

I want you to know, that school's out for you
I hope that you have, a raft or a boat

I know a normal city can handle when it's rainy
It won't go down on you in a river
It drains it elegantly, so you can get your baby
And prove you are a very excellent mother

I just heard from my school district that because our local utility hasn't maintained their lines for years and have a policy now of cutting power if winds are high enough, that the school (and we by extension) have to prepare for county-wide outages lasting upwards of 3-5 days at a time!

My copy of the Snowden memoir, Permanent Record arrived! Can't wait to dig into this tonight!

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