I just heard from my school district that because our local utility hasn't maintained their lines for years and have a policy now of cutting power if winds are high enough, that the school (and we by extension) have to prepare for county-wide outages lasting upwards of 3-5 days at a time!

I love the fact that I don't live in California.

Some basic camping gear (propane stove, candle lanterns, bic lighter, etc.) and a nice portable, folding solar panel for charging cellphones/laptop are always handy.

@kyle this is why I see the us a a third world country (network infrastructure-wise at least)

@blacklight447 @kyle solar panels + batteries = to hell with your 3 to 5 day outages

@kyle @blacklight447 big investment, yes. $40k seems high tho. You could do it for around $10-$15k

@n0btc @blacklight447 Last time I quoted it here in California, panels alone were about $30-40k, I'm assuming another 10 for a proper lithium battery bank.

@kyle @blacklight447 must have a big place then. According to sources online a 7kw system is about $10k

@n0btc @blacklight447 It's been a decade since I last checked, maybe the price has gone down, but this included installation and my house is not big.

@kyle @blacklight447 oh yeah. Prices have really started dropping in the last 4 or 5 years. And they are still falling

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