My run through of the Librem 5 privacy and security-focussed mobile phone... What a joy to finally have it in my hands! My congratulations to the extraordinary team at Purism.

@ben This resonated strongly with the reasons I decided to back the Librem 5. Reusing free software that's already out there and supporting a platform that my kids will one day be able to use. Thanks for creating this and introducing me to Invidious as well!

@ben where can we see some 3rd party reviews of the privacy? How can we be assured of that if we are not programers? I am all for privacy but am skeptical that unless you get an old analog phone you can have true privacy.

I would LOVE to see mechanical switch that truly disconnect microphones, cameras, wifi, etc. Not the fake switches that just send a hi or low back to the cpu, which can be bypassed

@adam @Johncdvorak

@TurdFerguson @ben Mechanical switches on the Librem 5 cannot be bypassed - they do truly disconnect those peripherals.

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