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“We want to investigate the ecosystem of data exploitation, and we don’t think we can do that while shackled to it. And so we make a privacy promise to you, our readers: We will not track you.”

A media organisation that’s leading on privacy. This is SO COOL.

Having brisket for dinner yesterday meant waking up at 2am to put the meat in the smoker by 3. After a 13 hour smoke and an hour rest, it was perfect. I think I've finally figured out my technique.

What is Mobile ? A walk through of what is included in PureOS, the default /#Linux distribution installed on the written by our @dos

Going with the theme of things that can be intimidating, are tough to get into, have a point, take a lot of time and dedication to finish, yet are so worth it, I present a whole beef brisket in a New Yorker tote bag.

A powerful thing about the running PureOS instead of a mobile-specific OS is that existing desktop apps run w/o porting to a new platform, some just need UI tweaks to fit on the screen. GNUcash works out of the box in landscape mode both without the toolbar at default scaling and with the toolbar scaled 1.5x.

"Rankin warned that tech giants were now "redefining the word "privacy" in their own marketing." While they may claim to protect it, what they really want is to protect privacy from their competitors, he added. "They add security measures to their software and services so only they can capture, view and sell all of your data and others can't.""

When you have a busy full-time job and active family life, yet also want to write a new book, it means waking up a few hours early every day.

Related to the above, check out my latest Librem 5 app development post where I develop a simple app to scale the screen to different sizes.

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Wireshark works great on my out of the box when the screen is scaled from 2x down to 1.25x the physical resolution. This could be an option for apps that need more time for developers to adapt to a phone form factor.

Today's antique store find: a first edition of 1984. Back then they thought a universal surveillance state would be imposed by an authoritarian govt using fear. Now we know we will submit willingly in exchange for some free web services.

It's been fun to track the steady and rapid progress with development. Each week that goes by moves this phone closer to replacing my other phone entirely. Most recently, a simple one line change to a file dramatically improved cellular modem performance.

If you are looking for a decent stand for your and have access to a then I've found this design scaled up 1.25x works well and leaves enough room at the bottom for a USB-C cable:

If you or someone you know is thinking of buying a Ring doorbell camera—or already has one—here are 10 tips to consider, and an extra not in our post:
1. You are not the only one who can access your footage.
2. Ring’s system is likely to make you paranoid.

“It was the intelligence coup of the century,” the CIA report concludes. “Foreign governments were paying good money to the U.S. and West Germany for the privilege of having their most secret communications read by at least two (and possibly as many as five or six) foreign countries.”

After adding proximity sensor-support to -sensor-proxy ( and adding runtime-pm support for the chip used in the (and it's devkit) ( we can now wire it up to to fade the screen and prevent keyboard input:

Saw this at a used book sale and had to get it. It hearkens back to an era where when something in your house broke, you could fix it instead of throw it away. I see some signs that society is discovering the harm of buying cheap, disposable things you can't fix.

This doesn't bode well for any legislation that would curb abuses by marketing firms. If Feds bypass 4th amendment using adtech, regulating that industry could trigger "going dark" claims like w/ e2e encryption.

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