A powerful thing about the running PureOS instead of a mobile-specific OS is that existing desktop apps run w/o porting to a new platform, some just need UI tweaks to fit on the screen. GNUcash works out of the box in landscape mode both without the toolbar at default scaling and with the toolbar scaled 1.5x.

@kyle Will there be a pure OS build for the pinephone? Because the Librem 5 is a few hundred more than I could do for a phone

@zachir That extra few hundred is going directly into paying full-time developers to develop PureOS for the Librem 5. To my understanding pinephone is relying on existing community projects for mobile OS builds and I'm not aware of a community effort to port PureOS (but that doesn't mean one doesn't exist).

@kyle that's my understanding. I like pure OS a lot conceptually, I just wish I was at a point where I could afford the hardware

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