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What's that I see? A new RawTherapee 5.9 release! After two years the team has just released a brand-spanking new version of my personal raw image editor!

If you haven't tried it - why not?! It's literally free, powerful, and you can be cool like me! :D

#photography #FreeSoftware #raw

Anyway, the web browser is supposed to work for you, and there is an open W3C forum to discuss. Right now we see mostly the usual #bigTech and #adtech firms, but the browser is supposed to work for the user, so would be good to get more different user points of view.

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EU håller koll på Sverigedemokraternas inflytande.

Inför en kommande studie genomför vi nu en pilotstudie där vi prövar olika frågor som handlar om åsikter, kunskaper och uppfattningar kring samhälle och politik, till exempel var man skulle placera sig på en politisk vänster-högerskala och vilka uppfattningar man har om brottslighet och invandring.

Att delta i pilotstudien tar bara cirka 10 minuter, och all information hanteras anonymt. Jag vore tacksam om så många som möjligt kunde delta i denna pilotstudie.

The Biopinion, in Biophotonics Nov-Dec 2022 issue, discusses the problem "Medical research has a long, unfortunate track record of excluding ethnic and racial minority groups from clinical trials... [...] This has led to increased morbidity and mortality in minority groups. [...] We found that industry-sponsored trials (as opposed to investigator-initiated ones) were significantly less likely to include people of color than non-industry-sponsored trials." USA study. By Akshay Pulavarty.

I installed Linux Mint operating system with full disc encryption. To do that, I must also choose between LVM and ZFS. I selected LVM as I have used that before and has worked without any issue. But maybe the ZFS file system (I suppose that means instead of eg ext4) would have more benefits, but then I have to learn it. What would be your choice and why?

TIL: less than 1% of Thunderbird users donate to support the @thunderbird project.


I've just changed this 1% a wee bit 😉, by donating a bit of money. Thunderbird is an indispensable tool for me so donating is a no-brainer.

If you are able to donate, please support them. We need to invest in opensource civic software now & for the future!

#OpenSource #Mozilla #Thunderbird #Email #PublicSpaces #Finance #TodayILearned #TIL

Interesting quick look at use of Mastodon in #China from this summer -“More of China’s Social-Media Users Head to Under-the-Radar Platforms “- The Wall Street Journal - WSJ Podcasts

Uggla hittade ugglan, måste vara roligaste nyheten idag, rapporterat i kvart-i-fem-ekot.

When you fire most of your content moderation teams, it becomes quite difficult to fight bots or for Twitter to be a truthful source of news about an important protest movement. Just sayin'.

Chinese students calling for democracy, rule of law, freedom of expression. It's not supposed to be possible, but it's happening

Politiska ideologier och partier 

Svensk politik (och tysk) 

"I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to
front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not
learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover
that I had not lived."

From Walden, by Henry David Thoreau

I read and watch about public protests in China, at several places over the country. Very very unusual.

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