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EXIF. IPTC. XMP. Embedded. Sidecar. TIFF. DNG. RAW.

Too much (?) for my brain when going into details.

It's easier to read about photo archive (and more) than do it!

I came across an interesting book title: Fizpatrick, Colleen, 2005. Forensic Genealogy. Published by Rice Book Press in Fountain Valley, CA.

The book (discussed at is about ex how to determine when a photo was shot by looking for varous clues.

Crowdstrike just published a detailed, well-written, and technical explanation for the root-cause of Friday’s security incident along the actions they’ll take to reduce the risks of it happening again.


30 km/h går ju riktigt fort! För visst följer alla bilister hastighetsreglerna?

Switzerland now requires all government software to be open source by @sjvn

Switzerland is one of the world's leading #opensource countries; now, if only the United States could follow its lead!

There is a real, measurable backlash against indiscriminate AI scraping that can be seen in the robots.txt files of websites.

~28% of the most actively updated sites now restrict scraping. 5% of all sites block scraping, up from ~1% last year

Rapport, om inte från en skurhink, så från LinkedIn: Birgitta Ohlsson (National Democatic Institute, fd Fp-politiker), delade DN-artikel från Martin Gelin om demokratin som kampanjbudskap. Jag instämde och la till att vi på Mastodon i dagarna diskuterade hans DN-artikel om nationalister/icke-demokrater bland teknikmiljonärer och presidentvalet i USA, med länk till tråd och att den går att läsa utan inloggning, och välkomnande att komma med på Mastodon. Borde inte skada att Mastodon-puffa lite!

Jag gillar det Bengt Westerberg skriver om flyktingar, svenskar och SDs hemska politik och människosyn i DN idag.

Och jag saknar de gamla Liberalerna/Folkpartiet.

Kriget för att Ukraina ska slå tillbaka Ryssland och vinna kriget kan också vara ett krig för att hjälpa Belarus att bli ett fritt land från sin diktator och från Ryssland. Ledare i DN idag.

🧐 Exploring the realities of #OpenScience: In our blog, researchers and educators expose the raw realities of implementing transparency and collaboration in academia.
From overcoming hurdles to celebrating breakthroughs, dive into their firsthand accounts in being open.

Explore their stories:

#AcademicMastodon #AcademicChatter #OpenAccess #OpenEducation #FAIRdata

We did it, Joe!

I remember very well the short video of Kamela Harris in jogging dress, talking to Joe Biden on phone directly after the election result had been presented and Joe had been elected president. I think she can do well as next president over there.!

Apple's often overlooked and sneaky way to obsolete Macs or iOS devices is to simply link Safari to the OS install.

Eventually, a device won't be allowed to update, and that will lock the device to a version of Safari.

True, Macs can install alternate browsers for "a time", but not with iOS, since all browsers share the same webkit engine.

I installed Linux Mint onto an old 2013 Mac Pro, and it still runs the latest version of Firefox, Brave, or Chrome.

#DeApple #OpenSource #LinuxMint

I didn't plan it, but the response show to my previous show on the Piper voice synthesis program is 100 episodes from the last one. The response was partly for @ken_fallon , who was trying to get Piper working through the Python Pip installer. I walk through a very short episode on using /opt instead.

We could use shows because there are only 7 left in the queue. if you have a subject that is of interest to 'Hackers', please record.


Facebook and Instagram users have to choose to subscribe for a fee or to consent to Meta using their personal data — and make revenue out of it.

Consumer protection authorities assessed that this 'pay or consent' model and several other elements could constitute misleading or aggressive practices.

In the EU, consumers are able to make informed choices, and we are taking action to protect this right.

Read more →!NKMFDJ

Readability. I want EU to set requirements on food and more packages. Font, font size, font colour, background colour etc are like the worst web site for many products when it comes to ingridients and other facts.

A bit of an overcast start to the week here in Glastonbury. Have a good week everyone.

Intressant analys av Martin Gelin om några (inte alls alla) rika amerikaners antidemokratiska läggning, individer med inflytande i techbolag, och deras relation till republikanerna.

Thank you for your answers to my Linux open source software question at the top of this thread.

Mastodon/Fediverse is great, so nice we humans on earth can communicate and support each other.

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