Very often when I write a message in LinkedIn in the Firefox browser, I soon get an e-mail from LIn telling me "Linked in is better in the app". I wonder - for them or for me? Tracking easier in the app? I do not know, but I am suspicious re , .

Of course I have the Grease double-LP in my collection. Purchased at the time it was released. Those 33 1/3 rpm records have rotated many turns.

I have installed and done my first trial with Entangle software - taking photographs with a digital camera completely controlled from the computer ("tethering"). It seems to simply work perfect with my Nikon D90.

Season finale for one of my favorite podcasts: The Voice of 5G. Hosted by Janina Townsend and Paul Cowling. Happy summer! This episode about 5G ecosystem.

Nu vill jag förtälja om en bok jag läst. Skriven av @persvendn och svante Weyler. Läs gärna boken, läs om min läsning om du vill:

Of unknown reasons, I came to think of this album cover today. Supertramp 1975. Crises? What Crises?

The cover art copyright is believed to belong to the label, A&M Records, or the graphic artist(s), Fabio Nicoli, Paul Wakefield, and Dick Ward.

I have my laptop at the edge of my desk so I can execute Edge computing. Or what actually is Edge computing? I have listened to the latest episode of the Voice of 5G podcast. Ref also to the blogpost linked in show notes.

Within a few days, I have listened to two different podcasts talking about DID (Decentralized Identifiers).

It's fantastic how much we humans can achieve. Especially when we cooperate and support each other.

Tillkännagivande: Jag har läst boken Skogen Den gröna tråden En reportagebok om det svenska familjeskogsbruket. Läs mer i länken!

Det är tidig natt
Jag öppnar dörren och spanar ut
Där kommer den gående
ganska snabbt
Inte rakt fram på färd
utan i kringelikrokar rör den sig
över gräsmattan
Jag betraktar den en stund och stänger dörren
Strax kommer det en regnskur

By the way, time to return to Thunderbird mail!

I deleted a mail account on my iPhone Apple mail-application. When I then started my Apple mail-application on my macOS, the same mail account requested the password. So for some reason and somehow, there is a communication between the mail applications that are on same Apple ID.

I like the keyboard on my Thinkpad T430s! It is better than the keyboard on newer eg T450s. And I like the Linux Mint I mostly use on it! I also have Debian, Elementary and Windows on this T430s.

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