Got a new laptop — a ! This lap-top desktop has been one of my dream machines for a while, and I didn't think I'd ever get my hands on one (yet alone see one!).

I got it from , and I've had it for almost a month now. I really like it.s

"A compilation of US analog shutdowns from 2009 (multiple POVs)"

Feels sad to watch... I appreciate the robust nature of , always have, always will

Don't you like it when someone in Smash Bros's online quickplay is being toxic and you just, you know, run them over a little bit? 😉

I declined a rematch.

I don't know why the CPU fighter sometimes wants to SDI *towards* me in this scenario, but hey...? 51-part combo :P

A , I have to think

I opened the link in a Tor browser to take a look around. The scary looking S snake isn't part of the site, it is content blocked by the browser for security reasons.

I already reported the scam to YouTube and the website to Google Safe Browsing.

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If you are into , you'll find this pretty funny.

Apparently their charger uses "Algorithmic Lithium Induction" to charge your phone in just 11 minutes, and "extremely advanced AI technology that overrides your smartphone's operating system" to turn it into a handheld supercomputer. 😄

The more you watch it, the worse it gets

Though the temperature seems unpredictable outside, I'm glad to see that our house keeps it at a nice -39.3°F with no humidity

Not even 0% humidity, just no humidity at all.

Boy, I've had this clock for a very long time.

Wow, the situation with @Raspberry_Pi *is* pretty bad.

Just see the screenshots, they are treating the community poorly.

I was even blocked sometime earlier for being upset about the softcore(?) pornography they posted earlier.

T-Mobile hotspots (at least on this cell plan) throttle really hard really early 😠
Eh, better than no hotspot.

It was, like, going at 60KB/s before tho d:`,

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