U.S. Rewards for Justice @RFJ_USA is on !

Go to state.gov/rewards-for-justice/ -> rewardsforjustice.net/ -> Mastodon icon at footer. Verified this way, and too ๐Ÿ˜€

Their Twitter account is active, but unfortunately they haven't posted anything under this account on Mastodon. I don't really blame them, they have about 3 or 4 followers. Give them a follow if you're interested.

Thinking about it, perhaps the difficulty to get on โ€” small, though much harder than other social media โ€” is sometimes a feature. I think that most aren't willing to put in a lot of effort, perhaps one of the reasons there's so, so much less spam in the "comments" here.

I can't believe it. The official account posted straight-up pornography. Making it worse, the community is often children-focused. What the heck?

If your server bans nudity/porn, please take a moment to report them ( @Raspberry_Pi ) and keep safe. Thank you.

Gee, it is easy for social media to feel like transactions of people-pleasing messages and approval. It is hard to not count favorites and boosts. I would love it if was designed to show these stats rounded to powers of ten.
E.g. your post has 0 boosts, 1 boost, 10 boosts, or 100 boosts, ....
Measuring this way would allow you to get an idea of how many favorites and boosts your post has, but without seeing each individual interaction, which I believe is more harmful than good.

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