I was playing a lot more online quickplay today, and I'm wondering:

If someone is being rude/toxic/a bad sport/whatever to you in an match online, what do you think you should do back?

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Don't you like it when someone in Smash Bros's online quickplay is being toxic and you just, you know, run them over a little bit? 😉

I declined a rematch.

I thought this was a nice simple overview of the recently discovered broken tech. youtube.com/shorts/aIredmTAvw4
And we thought Steve was bad enough as he was....

Maybe will fix this; they're not releasing any more balance patches, but this is a , right?

I don't know why the CPU fighter sometimes wants to SDI *towards* me in this scenario, but hey...? 51-part combo :P

A , I have to think

I'm visiting home for Thanksgiving. We have Smash 4, the version I would play before I was introduced to Smash Ultimate in college.
Oh my, going back to it, it feels *so* floaty and slow-motion! I couldn't believe I used to play Smash at Smash 4 speeds.

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