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"If you're feeling unmotivated, there's no point in overthinking it. The time is now. Get those hands moving. Motivation will come later."

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Don't be satisfied with your vision for the future. Be satisfied with completing it.
So, don't be happy with saying "I'm going to do this project"; that's just a plan and an intention. If you're satisfied just with "someday I will" then you won't do it.

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@linuxgamingcentral It's true!! Like, even ones not relating to Sheik at all, she just happens to be in the video getting kicked off the stage

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How many times do you get an idea, just for it to die before it begins? High-quality work is ideal, but a poorly done work of creativity is better than none at all!

"Things that are worth doing are worth doing poorly"

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"Too often we attack cultural challenges with a spirit of misplaced certainty. We feel like we know what’s wrong, and we know how to fix it, and when we know we’re right, opposition is frustrating at best and infuriating at worst. The more certain we are, the more likely we are to view opponents not just as wrong, but evil. Do they not want to solve our crises?" - David French

Remember that by far, most people aren't out with the intent to destroy good.
Something to think about

I got less than 3 hours of sleep, and today marks the first day I drank non-decaf in college.

I feel awake and not awake at the same time.

"Cool" is "normal" executed so well that it's special.

And, I believe that all these other "humans" are also conscious, according to the evidence (such as them looking and behaving, all things considered, very similar to me). So, evidently, they have something beyond physics, too.
As for ChatGPT, the evidence I have is that it exists just in physics like normal (being ANN based and all). So I do not believe it is conscious.

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A post I recently saw about prompted me to go through some logic about :

I know as a fact that I'm conscious. I don't know how it works, but however it works, I'm conscious and consciousness is something fundamentally beyond math.
If physics is, basically, math being executed over time, then you cannot have consciousness existing (solely) in physics. And so I believe that I must have something beyond physics that serves as my "consciousness".

Weird thing about Social media or dare I say, being a ~Brand~ or even ~~Influencer~~ is you're supposed to show exactly ONE side, or less, to the world.

I'm supposed to JUST be the guy who plays romhacks. Or the guy who streams Jackbox. Or the guy who streams YTP reaction streams.

You can't be all of those. Much less have OTHER hobbies you ALSO talk about. You're supposed to be the ONE guy who does the ONE thing.

I just can't do that 🤷‍♀️ I know it hurts my yt channel but...can't do it.

I was playing a lot more online quickplay today, and I'm wondering:

If someone is being rude/toxic/a bad sport/whatever to you in an match online, what do you think you should do back?

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Do you follow someone, and you enjoy their posts but they boost too much stuff?

You can mute just their boosts if you want:

1. Open your Mastodon app or log in through your server’s website
2. Go to the profile of the person whose boosts you want to hide
3. Click on the ︙or ⋯ button at the top and select Hide Boosts From... (or Hide Reblogs on some apps)
4. If you change your mind, go back to their profile and select Show Boosts From… (or Show Reblogs)

#FediTips #MastoTips

My knitting machine clock, Tempus Nectit, is complete! I advanced it to the current time and mounted it on the wall. The white section is waste yarn to cast on, and the red stripe marks Valentine's Day. The shiny metal "tooth" marks the hour hand. Currently it is set to noon. The clock will advance every hour, completing a full circle (and row) every 12 hours, or two rows a day.

Now I have the massive task of the technical write-up for my site.

Don't you like it when someone in Smash Bros's online quickplay is being toxic and you just, you know, run them over a little bit? 😉

I declined a rematch.

Controversial topic 

Oh great, my phone is now in the middle of a large update without my permission. And I was connected to my hotspot too.

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