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"If you're feeling unmotivated, there's no point in overthinking it. The time is now. Get those hands moving. Motivation will come later."

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Don't be satisfied with your vision for the future. Be satisfied with completing it.
So, don't be happy with saying "I'm going to do this project"; that's just a plan and an intention. If you're satisfied just with "someday I will" then you won't do it.

Pinned post It's true!! Like, even ones not relating to Sheik at all, she just happens to be in the video getting kicked off the stage

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"Too often we attack cultural challenges with a spirit of misplaced certainty. We feel like we know what’s wrong, and we know how to fix it, and when we know we’re right, opposition is frustrating at best and infuriating at worst. The more certain we are, the more likely we are to view opponents not just as wrong, but evil. Do they not want to solve our crises?" - David French

Remember that by far, most people aren't out with the intent to destroy good.
Something to think about

Check out this best worst thing I found. It is my UX nightmare but also fun to play.

#UX #Games

Here’s how I used AI to clone a 60 Minutes correspondent’s voice to trick a colleague into handing over Sharyn's passport number. I cloned Sharyn’s voice then manipulated the caller ID to show Sharyn’s name on the caller ID with a spoofing tool.
The hack took 5 minutes total for me to steal the sensitive information.

So, how do we protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our organizations?
1. Make sure the people around you know that caller ID is easily faked (spoofed) and that voices can also be easily impersonated.
2. If they receive a dire call from “you”, verify it’s really you with another method of communication (text, DM, FT, call, etc) before taking an action (like sending money). Kind of like human MFA.

Some suggest setting up a secret “verification word” with their folks ones so that if someone impersonates & demands money/access etc you can ask for the verification word to see if it’s a real crisis. This won’t work for all people but could work for some. If it’s a match, use it.

In general, I recommend keeping advice simple: if premise of call is dire use a 2nd method of communication to confirm a person is in trouble before taking action (like wiring money or sensitive data). Rapid text, email, DM, have others message repeatedly — before wiring money.

Bottom line is:
Scammers use urgency & fear to convince victims to take actions (like sending money, data, etc).
If premise of a call, text, email, or DM is too dire (or too good to be true), that’s a likely scam.
Use a 2nd method of communication to check it’s real before taking action!

@mike I'm in the habit of double clicking the first word, but keeping hold of the second click. This highlights the whole word and then you can drag around to select the rest one word at a time instead of individual letters. A true game changer that I don't think many know about!

Friendly reminder of this dope share-to-mastodon button from my friend @micahilbery. It’s pretty, it’s simple, and it’s customizable. :)

No, when you quit, you guarantee a 'You Lose'. When you continue, you guarantee a chance. And everyone is worth a chance.

The amount of times I have to drop to a system console to fix my session is really getting to me. That, and the amount of glitches I have to deal with.
Does a Linux distribution exist that's isn't so buggy? It is grating to have to always deal with inconsistent, mediocre software. Nothing is perfect, I know, but I want to know which "just works" the most.
Any pointers?

Anyone remember Vine?

Our next experiment is called Loops and we can't wait to release the beta.

#pixelfed #pixelfedLabs

What is the Fediverse? What does federation mean?

📞 When you call a phone number, your phone provider will connect to other providers in order to put your call through. You're part of the worldwide phone network: hundreds of independent phone providers talking to each other.

:fediverse: When you publish a post on here, your server will connect to other servers to distribute your post. You're part of the worldwide Fediverse: thousands of independent social media servers talking to each other.

New COSMIC dev news is out. Notable progress:

1) Accessibility in the iced toolkit 2) COSMIC Panels designs completed. Most functionality complete. 3) 10-bit color in cosmic-comp 4) Working on Settings pages for wallpapers, panels, and keyboard input

The countdown comes to an end! A brand new #pixelart time-lapse featuring Revali and Teba is now available!

Intel investigating leak of Intel Boot Guard private keys after MSI breach

Annnnnnnnnnnnnd there goes a UEFI security setback.

Intel's Boot Guard has been made effectively useless. With the key leak, threat actors can sign malicious firmware so it's "valid."

#cybersecurity #databreach #infosec #uefi #bios #security

I see a lot of people believe there is no way to have #privacy online. Corporations have pushed so hard that many are persuaded and disillusioned.

Privacy-compliant alternative software exists and it's up to you to choose and promote it.

Tracking tools are not required but wanted technologies: it is not something inevitable inside a software.

When you see it that way, your approach to software change and you will also learn to love #ethical software as you know how to appreciate organic food.

Just have to vent a bit. The app has the most frustrating interface I have ever used.

It makes no sense at all. What kind of paradigm is it using!? The back button doesn't even always take you back! The whole interface keeps on assuming what I want and getting in the way.

Got a new laptop — a ! This lap-top desktop has been one of my dream machines for a while, and I didn't think I'd ever get my hands on one (yet alone see one!).

I got it from , and I've had it for almost a month now. I really like it.s

The excellent @dansup (creator of @pixelfed) also maintains two very useful Fediverse tools:

➡️ - A dashboard for the Fediverse, with details of how server types and specific servers are growing.

➡️ - An opt-in directory of people on the Fediverse sorted by keyword. You can add yourself to the directory by including special hashtags in your profile.

If you've used them before, take another look as they've both just been revamped.


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