@survey I'd like to say advanced — I'm certainly not a beginner — but truly, I'm not advanced yet. I'd say intermediate.

Art is an interesting thing. A picture is worth a thousand words, and art has the potential to change hearts and convey meaning at a deep level.

AI art cheapens art.

I'd really hate for meaningful artwork, something that required dedication and heart to create, to be generated at a mere text prompt....


I know I am US-based, but I've been following this law and what a terrible thing it is. Mullvad coming with receipts to back up this headline.

#privacy #privacymatters #encryption #chatcontrol


@avoidthehack @mullvadnet Worth noting that the article is written by a VPN organization, which could have motivation to lie on this topic. I'm not saying they did, and the article relies on direct quotes a lot which is nice. (I still think it is good content and I'm !)

I feel like this is a pretty well-trodden observation by now, especially here on the Fediverse, but it is STUNNING how slow computers are today. So many advances in chip fabrication, power storage, efficiency, etc. have been swallowed whole by our applications. What a colossal waste.

Every day is like "starting tomorrow only people who post ‘Elon is cool' will be eligible to have their tweets appear in English" and the entire press corps and all of my friends continue to post there like nothing has changed

@mmasnick @caseynewton I'd be OK with those people staying on Twitter. The lack of vitriol here has done wonders for my stress levels.

@Aslanmane I've been thinking a bit about church unity lately. Some denominations and branches are so tight on what they believe that they don't work together with other denominations and branches. One might hear names like Baptist Health Care, Lutheran World Relief, and Catholic Relief Services. Have you noticed how many Christian organizations' names have the branch or denomination in the name? This makes more sense for church names, but for other organizations...? Are we that divided?

@Aslanmane Oh, I'm talking about *before* marriage. Once you're married, it would (should) take something MUCH, much bigger to part the two.

@Aslanmane I doubt that a Protestant+Catholic marriage would be a good idea. Especially with children — how could you raise them and train them in Jesus, together? Every other Sunday go to Catholic mass, every other Sunday go to a Protestant service? What about the Apocrypha? Tell them it might be true ...? do you teach it or not?

The more I use new computers, the more I miss old computers. Certain aspects of modern computing are OK, but I miss the simplicity, sounds and the sheer fun of discovery and customization that older era computers gave us.

@indie1337 Well, if everyone is special, then no one is normal.

@indie1337 Thinking about what happens with apples in pies, I could see apples being good on pizza.

@zomda Looks like he or she is playing with something dangling above :)

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