Interesting... I was following the "labbing discussion" channel in the Discord server/guild, and watched this 0-to-death get developed:

Pretty neat. It uses a detached burst grenade, though, so that'll take some (extra) finesse.

I'm still pretty low-level at the game, but I managed to get one of the characters I play in , Mega Man, to 9 million GSP. It ain't much, but I'm pleased about it 🙃

I was playing a lot more online quickplay today, and I'm wondering:

If someone is being rude/toxic/a bad sport/whatever to you in an match online, what do you think you should do back?

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Don't you like it when someone in Smash Bros's online quickplay is being toxic and you just, you know, run them over a little bit? 😉

I declined a rematch.

I thought this was a nice simple overview of the recently discovered broken tech.
And we thought Steve was bad enough as he was....

Maybe will fix this; they're not releasing any more balance patches, but this is a , right?

So my Sheik figure player did fairly well. I had done research on how to train FPs and learned about Ultimate's (theoretical, anyway) mechanics for training FPs.
Supposedly, when you KO your FP with a move it has, or it gets KO'd with that move, that move's "slider" goes up (meaning that your FP uses it more). And when it gets dealt damage with a move it has, or it deals damage with a move it has, the slider goes up a little.

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Going to try doing an tourney tomorrow. The one amiibo I own (thanks to my sister for that!) is the one, which I recently found out is one of the worst ones... but eh that's fine 🤷‍♂️

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