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So far, impressed! Camera and XMPP work right out of the box.

Completely forget: I've tagged version 0.0.3 of μPlayer (a small video player using and targeting fullscreen landscape playback on mobile phones) the other day:

A short #teaser of what I've been playing with lately. It's a screen recording of my #PureOS #Gnome desktop running on my #Librem14.

Sitting in front of my Librem14 is my #Librem5 pointing its camera at the notebooks screen...

my #librem5 now has auto-focus/exposure/gain/balance. And i can record video! I couldn't be happier!

For those on #Gemini, I wrote up a little on the #Librem5 a few weeks ago. I'm still getting used to it, but I am writing this post on the Librem 5 :) It is much more capable than my old Pinephone (though the Pinephone is cool).

Most important for my writing, it runs #Manuskript really well. I use #Tootle for Mastodon, and #Lagrange for cruising Gemini.


"Don't make me think" is only half of the story.

It's a #UX sin to assume that your app is the most important thing in your user's world, and add to their cognitive load unnecessarily. But sometimes the user *is* focused on your product. They don't want a low-touch, automagic experience. They want to be in control. Let them.

Don't *make* me think - but *let* me think.

This is part of why "reduce friction" is misleading. Friction is texture. Without it, there's nothing to grab on to


Librem 5 waking up from system suspend on incoming call's first signal; soon your L5 will do that too.

Sure, Android might be "Open Source" good luck trying to tweak part of the core system without having to build and re-flash the ENTIRE OS, and probably format your phone.

Android was not built to be modified by anyone who doesn't use the term "end user" on a near daily basis.

and like, damn girl, we can do better than this

Please help me finance my short stop-motion movie!
Some secret content is waiting for you. Thank you! <3

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SIGBOVIK (, a real AND VERY PRESTIGIOUS conference about fake computer science, is looking for submissions. Still not too late to squeeze in a good joke for the March 27th submission deadline

During the photoshoot I came up with this idea how to show the thunderstorm. But I'm not sure if it's not too much for photosensitive people. What do you think?

#stopmotion #animation #stopmotionanimation #diorama #scenography #miniature #art #antique #thunderstorm #storm #mastoart

Overall, I really love the Librem. It is a vast improvement over the pinephone/pinephonepro. I liked my pinephones also, but the librem is just a much better phone.
I am starting my third year with a linux phone and I have no plans of going back. Especially now that I have the librem.
This phone is almost to the point that I could recommend it to some people. I am hopeful that by the end of this year, I might actually could start to recommed it.

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