No manual editing this time, but an automatic postprocessing script using darktable-cli and rudimentary lens corrections. Takes ~30 sec to develop on the phone - about ten times longer than the default script used by Millipixels, but with much better results.

It seems to have happened without much fanfare, but about a month ago @purism has released the Librem 5 hardware layouts under GPLv3 (as original PADS and converted KiCad projects), joining the schematics that were already available from the start.

So turns out I'm going to be speaking at in February as part of the "FOSS on Mobile Devices" track. We'll go step-by-step through debugging a spontaneous modem reset issue that used to trouble the phone, which - spoiler alert - turned out to be a (not very well-)known bug in the 2.0 spec. Check this and other talks out at

That said, you don't need huge powerful but complex tools like or to make your photos look better. Imagine a simple to use app that lets you do basic stuff on the phone, like white balance or contrast correction, which could then take its time exporting at full res with all the heavy noise reduction algos without annoying the user while taking photos.

Does that sound like something you'd like to work on? 馃榿

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For practical reasons, photos that you are processed into JPEGs with lower quality than what the camera can do. There are some (complex) ways in which this processing could be made faster and therefore cram more pixels and algorithms that make things prettier, but meanwhile...

Each photo you take is stored as both raw DNG and processed JPG - so you can go back to raw data and retroactively gain quality. See for an example.


After finally attempting to rescue my long broken devkit, I ended up with it booting into this Feb 2020 image. It already somewhat resembles the current thing, but gosh, we sure have made a lot of progress since then! 馃榿

Excuse the white balance being all over the place, this was *not* shotonlibrem5 ;)

Apparently Flappy Bird is 10 years old this year. It reminded me of my crappy ncurses remake I did back in 2014. Now it reacts to mouse input and does haptic feedback when played on a phone 馃槀

PSA: If you're an adventurous PureOS user who has enabled `landing` repository in order to receive untested updates early, brace yourself: in a few days `landing` is going to start tracking Debian bookworm (instead of bullseye) and targeting PureOS crimson (instead of byzantium). It will still take some time to make crimson work, so please disable the repo! If you still want to be on the bleeding edge, consider enabling `byzantium-updates-proposed` instead.

Experimenting with utilizing assisted GNSS techniques on . Cold fix takes about 3 minutes in perfect conditions, but can easily take *much* longer otherwise - that's how GPS works. However, by downloading satellite data from the Internet instead of the sky it can go down to under a minute; sometimes even just a few seconds. Still a proof-of-concept at this point, but can already tell that catching a fix gets significantly easier this way:)

Croatia through Librem 5's eye - photos taken on automatic settings, with interactive comparison between images straight out of Millipixels and those processed in darktable afterwards.

Librem 5 waking up from system suspend on incoming call's first signal; soon your L5 will do that too.

Just flashed my phone with an OS image that was created on the same phone a few minutes earlier 馃槣 It works!

Last week an update arrived in PureOS with improvements for call audio. You should be more legible to your interlocutors during calls; also, the phone now automatically switches to external wired microphone once connected. The whole audio path went through a big overhaul, allowing for hardware volume control with zero-cross and reducing unnecessary amplification that could cause distortions.

Haven't seen people complaining about the changes so far - that's a good sign :)

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