I'm back. You probably didn't miss me, but I took an unplanned month long hiatus from the world. I did not read or watch the news nor did I read any social media.
Two unrelated things worked together to cause this. I started a new position at work that has kept me pretty busy. More importantly though, I finally got my !!!!
Getting the Librem has been a lot of fun. I just today got around to installing tootle so that I can get on Mastodon. Following, will be my thoughts on the Librem.


Overall, I really love the Librem. It is a vast improvement over the pinephone/pinephonepro. I liked my pinephones also, but the librem is just a much better phone.
I am starting my third year with a linux phone and I have no plans of going back. Especially now that I have the librem.
This phone is almost to the point that I could recommend it to some people. I am hopeful that by the end of this year, I might actually could start to recommed it.

@Joshua Crawford @Jan Vlug 🌱 🐷 🤍❤️🤍 💙💛 I am hopeful that I will eventually receive mine. Sort of. I wouldn't be surprised if "opportunity to invest in Purism" and "we have news about the expected delivery" is all I'll ever receive from @Purism.

Do I sound frustrated already? ;-)

@hans @purism
I had begun to feel that way myself. Hang in there. My guess is that they will be caught up with their backlog by August. (I've been wrong about that guess many times, so take it with a grain of salt.)

@Joshua Crawford

I've been wrong about that guess many times

Me too, hence my frustration ;-)

@jlcrawf Interesting, I like my pinephone pro better. What do you prefer in the Librem5 ?

I never had a good quality phone call on the pro. The people on the other end would hear their own echo which was very distracting to them. Other than that, they are pretty close. I do also like the hardware kill switches in an accessible location. I never used them on the pro.

@jlcrawf I have both a Pinephone and a Librem 5. I found the Librem 5 to run faster and smoother, however it is *heavy* and that did become a problem for me. Also the modem on the Librem 5 is highly unreliable (as bad as the Pinephone modem before @biktorgj wrote new firmware for it). The unreliable nodem meant I missed most SMS/MMS I was supposed to receive.

I have since switchhed to a OnePlus 6 running @postmarketOS and it has been amazing.

@blendergeek @jlcrawf @biktorgj @postmarketOS Is there any camera support on the oneplus 6? I see some work streams on youtube but I'm just wondering if its usable yet with ffmpeg or anything, like the pinephone camera before megapixels.

@silverhax @jlcrawf @biktorgj @postmarketOS Not that I know about. I just go without a camera which isn't an issue for me because I had already given up on phone cameras because the L5 camera app barely worked for me.

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