Librem 5 waking up from system suspend on incoming call's first signal; soon your L5 will do that too.

@dos What a huge accomplishment! This is so exciting. I so look forward to purchasing my Librem 5. Each year you and your team are doing heroic work to make the phone as comfortable of a daily driver as Android/iOS. I can't wait to see what the future holds for Mobile Linux 😄️.

@dos Safe to assume that phones yet to be shipped will have this firmware update already applied?

@spacemanspiffy It's not about firmware. Some old modems may need firmware updates, but that only applies to those shipped many months ago already.

@dos I'm looking forward. I recived my Librem 5 one week ago. It's nice to see it evolve.

@goatwildernesscollective 1x. The only edit I made was to hide the phone number. I placed the call on N900, put it on the table and started recording right away.

@dos this is super neat. I wonder though, how does this effect the encryption of storage on device. Is there a separate session with calls running when the user logs out of their session. like a kiosk mode or something.

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