The EU will be voting on the draconian Chat Control bill on Thursday, June 20th. :blobthinkingeyes:

To all those living in the EU, just letting you know that if you let Chat Control pass, Americans will (at least momentarily) have better digital rights, and I WILL make fun of you for it. :blobcat3csmirk:

i dont listen to anyone who claims climate change is real but owns ocean front properties that by their explanation would be underwater in 20 years

In brown are where the “Far-right” won in France today.

Maybe they aren’t far-right, maybe they are just ordinary people fed up with the hard-left elitists telling them they are racist, extremists and fascists for holding common sense views…
Via @alexharmstrong

I'm a Republican who likes immigrants, who likes people and thinks they add diversity to our country. But I'm for ZERO illegal immigration. If you want to come here, apply and come lawfully or be sent home.

You know who will never mine your private communications to train an LLM?

Better yet, you know whose words you don't need to trust, because you aren't obligated to use any particular server? And the software is open source? And regularly audited by security researchers?


It's not perfect, but no tool is. It's a matter of what trade offs you're willing to accept. Just sayin' ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

#Matrix #Slack #OpenSource #FOSS #DigitalSovereignty #Privacy

firefox will now track your searches by default and you'd have no way of knowing they're doing that unless you look for this random blog post on their website:

it does look like you can turn it off at least.

Hello, community!

We need #openhardware with #bluetooth so we can link them it to #MyGNUHealth.
Currently we have @pine64eu smartwatch, but we'd love to integrate scales, glucometers, blood pressure monitors...
Just reply to this toot or send us a message if you know of any device. We'd love to test them!🤗
#GNU #GNUHealth #pinephone #PineTime

I've come to believe that the meaning of life is having kids and raising those kids to become someone at least as good as you.

There's been no pursuit in my entire life I've derived more meaning from, felt more pride in, than being a father and trying to be a great father. It means being a great provider, a great leader, a great teacher, a great protector, and a great partner to my wife. In that sense if I succeed then it'll be the culmination of many of my roles throughout life and it's easy to screw up and be only good, or fair, or bad.

It's a broken postmodern ideology that says having and raising kids is evil, and it's an ideology that I expect to not exist in 50 years because everyone who has it will be dead with no heirs.

Even if I didn't care for myself, my son is half my wife, and my wife is exactly the sort of person I want the future to be filled with.

With everything going on in the world, I take joy from the small things. Today, that happens to be controlling GNOME podcasts on pmOS with my PineTime. Amazing work devs!

Seriously though, is there such a thing as a Linux developer appreciation day?

#pmOS #gnomepodcasts #pinetime

🚨 I'm looking for a person or group to take over the running of I've been running the site since 2017 and I'd like to pass it on. If you're interested please reach out and please boost. 🚨

In response to campus anti-Israel protests, the House is rushing to to vote on a new bill, HR 6090. This new bill would officially define "Antisemitism" so the federal government can sue, prosecute, or sanction more people, businesses, and universities for supposed violations of civil rights law.

I abhor antisemitism, but this bill is flagrantly unconstitutional and an appalling attack on the First Amendment.

This bill would make it illegal to compare Israeli policies to Nazi policies. It would make it illegal to describe Israel as racist. It would make it illegal to accuse an American citizen of being more loyal to Israel than to the United States.

All of those behaviors might be stupid or repugnant, but they are indisputably protected by the First Amendment. Yet now, Congressional Republicans are rushing to gut the First Amendment in order to pass a Europe-style ban on supposed "hate speech."

Rioters should be arrested. Unhinged Israel-hating students who take over buildings and refuse to leave should be expelled.

But I stand with @repthomasmassie: This bill is an affront to the Constitution and must not pass.

I cannot overstate how dangerous to free speech and a healthy democracy it is to redefine all anti-Zionism and criticism of the state of Israel as antisemitism. You know who's loudly critical of Zionism and the Israeli govt? Jews. A lot of Jews.

Would you donate to a college or athletics fund for the middle school girls who banned from their own sport after they were brave enough to refuse to compete against boys?

Bravery should be rewarded. Let’s do something awesome.

The bill is a disgrace and you should seriously question any Republican who supports it. The legislation would in fact label criticism of the Israeli government as “antisemitic.” Any notion that Americans should be legally penalized in any way for criticizing any government — even a foreign government — is just pure madness and un-American in the extreme.

In my opinion, TikTok should not be banned in the USA, even though such a ban may benefit the 𝕏 platform.

Doing so would be contrary to freedom of speech and expression. It is not what America stands for.

what would make you more likely to use a #LinuxMobile device?

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