I started daily driving my OG #pinephone exactly a month ago, and so far the only reason I turned on my Android phone was to give me access to Signal, andd then to just wipe it fully.

I would call that a success so far!

Inspired by the recent news of Canon bypassing toner DRM and Microsoft's Pluton chip, I wrote a piece that explores how DRM fits into plans to lock general-purpose computers down like printers and smartphones. puri.sm/posts/the-beat-of-a-di

Find out how good you are at placing historical events in the right order with this cool new game based on Wikidata's data:


This is awesome!

Any time someone leaves a Facebook related service and posts about it on the Fediverse, it is instantly boosted like crazy and is on almost every timeline within the half-hour...

Sadly for me, I never joined a Facebook related service in the first place 🙁

I've made some terrible Mastodon ads in GIMP.
Hey, if anyone want's to run them and see what happens... Just make sure it's ok with the trademark owner of the Mastodon logo (I couldn't find out who).

And yes, I think its best we advertise Mastodon... People coming from places like Twitter will find it more inviting than things like Pleroma.


Canon can't get enough toner chips, so it's telling customers how to defeat its DRM.

Hello fediverse! Fleeing from the madness of Meta and happy that this realm feels more like the way the internet was always supposed to be.

We're running a poll on our website to learn more about the #pinephone community. It is 9 questions long and shouldn't take you more than 2 minutes to fill in.

Thank you and Happy New Year!


The first wave of EVs are old enough their batteries are starting to fail. People tend to repair old ICE cars, but at a $22k price tag to replace batteries that will inevitably fail, it seems like older EVs will be thrown away instead of repaired. gizmodo.com/finnish-man-passes

@Stacky There's also an ecological argument to be made for refurbishing and converting existing gasoline cars where the environmental cost of making them has already been spent, instead of throwing them away in favor of spending that cost to make a new car.

I'm so glad my vehicles are in good shape, and from before this era of always-on networks and remote control. If I needed a car, I wouldn't buy a new one.

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Thought experiment: what would a car maker need to be able to do to your car remotely, before you no longer felt that you owned it?

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When I look at "#PinePhone progress", I often tend to look at speed and software availability. But there's more: The amount of apps I've been using this morning to see what's going on would have rendered the device utterly unresponsive a year ago, forcing a hard reboot.
This development is making the device so much more viable, so thank you all involved for identifying and fixing these tiny little show-stoppers!

Ownership isn't about possession, it's about control. When hackers "own" a computer, they don't physically have it, instead they compromised it so thoroughly that they have full remote control. If you physically have a computer, but someone else has control, they own it.

@jameshjacksonjr @purism Until we do, if I had to buy a car today, it would probably be a used one from before this kind of tracking was built in.

"If it's free, you are the product" stopped being true once the rest of the companies saw how much money there was in selling customer data. Now you are the product regardless of whether you pay.

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Apple's talking about sideloading this week to shift the discussion away from App Store competition. If it had to compete with other secure iPhone app stores (like ones dedicated to gaming) it would have to lower its fees and improve its policies. It's about control not security.

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