Two weeks ago today, I called a doctor because of a spot that had started growing.
Thanks in part to a cancellation, they were able to get me in that Thursday.
They cut off a piece for a biopsy then called me with the results a week later.
Pre-cancerous something.
We scheduled a visit for today. The spot had reduced in size because my body began healing when she cut it. She administered a freezing treatment and said I was good.

Would people please stop trying to"fix" or healthcare system?!

Today, I am going kayaking with friends. We will get to float inside a cave. And on the return trip, today is the day that my truck rolls over 300,000 miles.

Before we buy Greenland we should take care of Puerto Rico.

@purism Looking forward to my #librem5! It will be my first ever smartphone. I was waiting for one to meet my standards, and you finally made one 😀

Ever wanted to ditch big tech but had no idea how to? Grab your free Librem One account for social, chat and voice or a premium account with mail and VPN and get end-to-end encryption, no tracking, no ads and no data sharing

680 from one plant. That company should be fined. Oh, and it's a Koch plant. I wonder if it is owned by the Koch brothers who are famously against stopping illegal immigration. Wouldn't want to lose their supply of cheap labor.

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