I always find it idiotic when people argue "Democrats are right wing by european standards"... lol there is no relative standard for center, it is an absolute... what they should say is "democrats are farther right compared to the average in europe". But to suggests they are right of center has little basis in reality. Their policies may not be as extreme left as politicians in europe, but they very clearly are left of neutral/center

Do I know anyone here who is willing to share their experience deploying an institutional Mastodon server? A contact of mine is looking for someone to discuss the experience as he works on getting a government agency to deploy their own instance. Boosts appreciated #fediverse #mastodon

are there any #ruby #rails freelancers in this timeline (Ideally with some knowledge on the #redmine code base) here, who would be interested in helping us at #osmocom to fix some redmine bugs and write some (small) extensions? #followerpower Details at osmocom.org/projects/osmocom-s

there is nothing i am more biased against than government run institutionalized learning facilities

abolish the DoE, homeschool your kids, start or join learning pods

schools are starter prisons where kids get beaten, sometimes to death, teachers are cruel and show porn to kids

"You don’t need a PhD to understand basic truths. In fact, these days it seems like you need to not have a PhD to understand basic truths." — Matt Walsh

Every single Republican who’s run in the last 40 years has talked about cutting the federal bureaucracy. But they never do it. So if a candidate’s plan doesn’t sound “extreme” (like they now accuse me of), then it’s not actually a plan to get the job done.



Eww. Why on Earth would you post a Linked In tracking link here instead of the actual link which goes to puri.sm/products/librem-5/

This is not an effective way to build trust in a pro-privacy device.

#Privacy #Librem5 #Purism

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My sweet wife passed away from her battle with cancer today. I’d appreciate any extra prayers/thoughts if you’re able to send them my family’s way.

We shouldn’t be giving elective foreign aid to any country whose national debt per citizen is less than ours. That shouldn’t be controversial.

We’ll keep prior commitments, but shouldn’t sprinkle $$ like it’s pixie dust when we’re $33TN deep in debt.

It’s sheer lunacy that we gave more than $600mm in aid last year to Lebanon, which is basically controlled by Hezbollah, while expanding aid to Israel to fight its adversaries like Hezbollah. There’s a better way to do the arithmetic, folks. The foreign aid racket needs to end.

If @gavinnewsom banned the Proud Boys in California, it’d be a First Amendment violation.

When @rondesantis bans Students for Justice in Palestine in Florida, it’s a First Amendment violation.

SJP’s opinions are disgusting. But that’s exactly what the First Amendment protects.

Free speech doesn’t just protect the ideas we love. It protects the ideas we hate. The idiotic college “pro-Palestine” student groups are dead wrong to excuse genocidal attacks against Jews and spout disgusting anti-semitism, but one of the things that makes us different from Islamic terrorists is we don’t silence dissent. It’s a shameful political ploy for @rondesantis to ban the existence of pro-Palestinian student groups at Florida universities. It’s unconstitutional. It’s utter hypocrisy for someone who railed against left-wing cancel culture. Conservatives should be allowed to criticize BLM or vaccine mandates, and crazy liberals should be able to criticize Israel or the West even if they’re dead wrong about it. I’m well aware this isn’t a politically popular position right now, but if the government can censor who can speak vs not, the rest of it really doesn’t matter: we’re no different than those we pretend to fight.

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I had to blog this. This is insane. One of the Reporters Spearheading the ⁦@nytimes⁩ Coverage of the War In the Middle East Loves Hitler And the Nazi’s. (No Really)

✨ Friendly reminder ✨ #Mastodon is older than:

* The fall of #Twitter.
* The birth of #Bluesky.
* The birth of #Threads.

If you feel like your timeline is empty, that nobody interacts with you, or that this space seems abandoned...

In summary, if you miss the artificiality of The Algorithm©, remember that you are the person in charge here 🤗 And that this is the most beautiful gift a social media platform can offer to anyone.

Mastodon has a lot of active accounts. Therefore, make your experience here more relevant by:

* Following other users.
* Interacting with them.
* Following hashtags (this is how you replace the recommandation algorithms).
* Following bot accounts (some are really great and useful).

This is gonna be fun 😊

I can't believe the videos and posts I've seen this past week:

- Members of LGTBQ community defending Palestine as if they wouldn't be imprisoned (or worse) for their beliefs there
- More and more footage of innocent civilians being tortured, killed, and paraded around
- Elected leaders unable to make a statement condemning said videos and those who committed these atrocities
- Universities explaining free speech and it's importance when it's being used by pro-terrorist groups for calls of violence on college campuses after years of suppressing the speech of those with conservative principles

When they show you who they are, believe them.

A partial list of things people claiming to be on the “right side of history” have supported:

Compelled Speech
Racism (they call it anti-racism)
Election Denial
Men in women’s sports
Men in women’s spaces
Abortion without restrictions
Porn for children
Drag for children
Child mutilation
Child murder

A partial list of things they’ve opposed:

Having kids
Parental rights
Law enforcement
Dr. Seuss
Tucker Carlson

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