I’m still irritated that as Twitter died all the public information oriented campaigns (transit, fire service, govt announcements) didn’t shift to providing easy to access open technology alternatives for getting that information to people.

And I’m not talking about Mastodon or any other Fediverse stuff. I want RSS. I want to subscribe to a BVG feed to learn about disruptions, I want an easy to access feed of events and protests in my city…

@aho Potentially! It's kinda a PD MITM device (so you could provide power and use USB 2 while negotiating custom alt-mode or debug accessory mode, sending VDMs etc.), plus it exposes UART on SBU over USB. One possible use-case is to get convenient access to Librem 5's serial console, but it should also be useful with, say, Macbooks or plenty other stuff.

@josch Well, refunds are another matter... 😫 Just wanted to point out that manufacturing of the phones is a thing from the past, they've been already produced with a surplus, so if you actually wanted to receive one you could for a while now.

@josch @deshipu @mntmn Orders from 2019 have been manufactured and shipped two years ago already, and the whole queue was processed last year. They only get shipped after confirming shipping address, so if you didn't then your phone is still waiting in the warehouse.

@EC_NGI and @nlnet make a dramatic impact to improve our sustainable, privacy and attention respecting #linuxmobile ecosystem. One of the very few answers we have to the duopoly of Android and iOS from Silicon Valley!

Because of that we are saddened about the @EUCommission not mentioning NGI programmes anymore in their draft of funding programmes for 2025. 😢

We signed the open letter, consider doing the same if your project received funding in the past.


I signed an open letter to the @EUCommission requesting continued funding of open source software innovation and maintenance via the @EC_NGI program.

Free and open source software is not free. Supporting it is vital to the EU economy and innovation competitiveness.

@nlnet@nlnet.net and @NGIZero funded the development of many social web apps years before they were needed and likely much underlying software in the devices you depend on every day.


#FOSS #OpenSource

@diabellus @SceNtriC Raczej problem z konkretnym człowiekiem. Nie mieszkam sam, pracujemy z domu od wielu lat, a raczej trudno mi sobie wyobrazić podobną sytuację. No, najwyżej z kotami bywa różnie 😼

also it's quite sad that CHIPS ( which is now enabled in Nightly by default ) gets none of the attention compared to PPAs... like, i get it, "Mozilla bad" gets way more reactions than "Mozilla good", but still .~.

Chances are that you might have heard about #Firefox "Privacy Preserving Attribution for Advertising". I've been working for Mozilla for 12 years and I've learned about it here on the fediverse, not only because I haven't been paying much attention, but because internal comms have been occupied with other stuff. So let's talk about something I feel Mozilla desperately needs: transparency. 🧵 1/11

@DreamGryphon @tasket @gabrielesvelto FWIW there were multiple unrelated versions of Firefox named Iceweasel (Debian's and GNU's).

@timonsku @whitequark Servo was never supposed to replace Gecko, it was mostly meant as a testbed for tech that could selectively migrate into Gecko once it proves itself within Servo (and that's what already happened with several components long time ago, most notably WebRender and Stylo but also plenty of smaller ones).

Igalia’s Georges Stavracas writes about profiling WebKitGTK (a Linux port of Apple’s WebKit) to see how GTK is doing after being switched from Cairo to Skia, and how he hooked into GTK’s existing tracing mechanisms to make that much easier for everyone. feaneron.com/2024/07/12/profil

Exciting news! Our first just went into the voting round. Check out the amazing 'symbiotic' themed games created by our community. These free software games showcase the power of open-source gaming. Play them now at itch.io/jam/free-software-puri

I just saw an early version of what @holypangolin has been cooking on her own lately and I'm in awe. It's not a new game, but if you played "Karambola" you're in for a real treat. And if you didn't... well, what are you waiting for?


@thephd Flathub builds everything for aarch64 (by default; apps can explicitly opt out).

stop referring to vulnerabilities stemming from software using publicly-available package repositories cataloguing what amounts to a vast effort of free labor as “supply chain attacks”

providing free labor does not make one a supplier — a “supply chain” implies some form of economics where EVERY OTHER MODEL of a supply chain involves money changing hands

these attacks are against a communal resource, not a supply chain

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