Despite of the country being on lockdown, we keep getting guests that ain't afraid of anything - and they sure tweet more than I do.

Tip: the only people who think that the Open Source Definition does not define "open source" are saying so because they have a vested interest in marketing software which does not qualify for the title as such. Watch out for these arguments, they are gaslighting you.

Oh, and that's of course on the 2000mAh battery. The final model is going to have a 3600mAh one :)

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@solarkraft Lots of various things were being tackled recently, like voltage scaling or GPU not turning off when unused. USB seems to be quite a power hog for some reason, and we still don't even suspend the CPU there.

I'm not an EE though, just a high-level software guy that likes to try all the new shiny unfinished stuff, so no idea on the details ;)

That's with the screen, modem, WiFi and USB off. Modem probably wouldn't influence it that much though.

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I've collected some hacks from our kernel team and tested the idle time on battery on my Librem 5 Birch - got almost exactly 6 hours while staying at 38°C the whole time. Not that long ago it struggled to reach 3h and stay under 60°C - and they're not done yet! :D

@Mahaer_Mahmud @sir They are already storing the original files, but AFAIK only the uploader can download them back.

0.2.0 got released:

featuring first quick settings (for battery, rotation and feedback), proximity sensor support and more ground work for better notifications and translation updates.


@Alexmitter I plan to bring it into an unWIPable state once the update to wlroots 0.10 gets in.

@Jbb Reminds me of how links-x11 was the fastest browser on the Neo Freerunner, so I was using it as my main browser there. Probably wouldn't go as well with today's web as it did 12 years ago though :P

What is Mobile ? A walk through of what is included in PureOS, the default /#Linux distribution installed on the written by our @dos

@Alexmitter Being oversized (bigger than the screen) even after maximizing.

Another WIP feature - power users will appreciate this one ;) This is unmodified GNOME Maps. It wouldn't fit on the screen, but phoc can now automatically scale its window down to make it fit.

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