0.4.0 is out 🚀 :

window preview thumbnails (@dos), more quicksettings (@jspaerber@mastadon.social) and fixes in several areas. Check the changelog!


Our car radio does not do so after fixing up headphone detection in device tree and finishing 's mpris MediaPlayer2 interface i can now feed sound via a 3.5mm audio cable from my l5 to the car radio via and . Will show up on a near you soon.

@sir TBH Pinebook Pro would still be a pretty nice machine if only it had usable touchpad and a keyboard that doesn't eat key combos... I could live with the rest, as having an ARM machine in this form factor is a big selling point for me itself. Sadly, broken input means I don't even want to use it in cases where it would be good enough otherwise :(

@vancha Yes, the CPU can be woken up by the modem.

Our plan is to work on runtime power management to get it into good shape first, then we may consider using suspend to RAM. There is an ATF branch where it works already, but it currently breaks DRAM frequency scaling, so it's not really worth it as it is right now.

With modem and WiFi on I got 5h 34min, and with both off - 7h 45min. With final battery that should translate to about 9h and 12h respectively.

This progress comes mostly due to runtime power management improvements - we don't suspend the CPU! With WiFi on, the phone was reachable and ssh-able through all this time.

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6 hours 7 minutes of idle time with modem on and fully reachable on Birch! That'd be about 10h for Dogwood's battery!

The only caveat: SD card reader needs to be disabled (for now). Power management comes together pretty nicely on the Librem 5! :)

@bootie_fringe @sir You can. I've already ran some Godot games on Librem 5, the engine doesn't mind the license ;)

The newest game I've been working on, ODGŁOS, is finally available to play! A cute owl, the history of electronic music, shapeshifting snakes and intergalactic journeys inside the Polish Radio Experimental Studio - all in a stop-motion interactive story :) You'll need a browser, headphones and 30 minutes to spare. Have fun!

@spacemanspiffy @purism Also, recent dmabuf improvements in Firefox on Wayland should have a positive impact - but I've tested only the ESR version so far which doesn't have those.

@spacemanspiffy @purism Firefox isn't that smooth yet. It defaults to GPU accel being off and you can only force the old OpenGL compositor on - no WebRender yet.

However, I'd expect it to become just as smooth once etnaviv and WebRender start to play well with each other :)

@tuxicoman It's Anbox. See: social.librem.one/@dos/1035641

It's more of a proof-of-concept though, needs some work to be really usable - but at least the hardest bits are already there.

@anirudh @purism Epiphany (GNOME Web) also has a nice back gesture :) Once it starts to properly utilize GPU acceleration it should be pretty fast as well.

@jfred @purism It depends. GL apps are fast and snappy, but most GTK3 apps are slower because they render everything in software. Things should massively improve once we switch to GTK4 and make it work well with mobile GPUs.

@craftyguy Upstream Mesa 20.0 and our kernel tree based on 5.7-rc6 (but should be pretty much the same on 5.6 already).

I have some hacks that enable 60 FPS refresh rate though, it's normally limited to 30 for reasons unrelated to performance.

This is unmodified desktop Chromium straight from the Debian repositories.

Video decoding is unaccelerated yet, but 1080p videos seem to work well even without it (although power hungry a bit :)).

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That's how the Librem 5 performs with all the GPU acceleration in place :) @purism

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