phosh 0.21.0 is out 🚀📱 :

It was supposed to be bug fixes only but also got improved screen shot support and a (experimental) widget to show
upcoming events on the lock screen.

Check out the full release notes at


@kop316 It's still a bit complicated as several components need patches, but I expect everything to be in place for easy install in a month or so.

For now there's - a bit outdated by now, gets you an Android 10 image with some minor visual glitches and crashes, but it was pretty usable already anyway ;) I have just started my vacations so probably won't update it soon (unless I get bored I guess :P)

Federal regulations require me to warn you that Waydroid on Librem 5... is looking pretty good!

@calebccff @sir It says "almost all aspects", but actually only mentions performance. I'm curious what the other aspects are!

@Mek101 It says "I have found that this device is ahead of the PinePhone that I had been using previously in almost all respects", but actually only mentions performance - which is like, the one thing that's painfully obvious without even reading the review :P What are the other aspects?

@calebccff Deck is nice. Aside of closed UI and some firmware it's surprisingly bullshit-free. And it's the only PC I own that's capable of running latest games 😅

As this came up multiple times: phosh 0.20.0 currently requires GTK animations to be on:

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface enable-animations true

So if you (or your distro) turned it off please enable it before updating as otherwise you won't be able to use the overview.

I know animations are on by default in and so nothing to do there.


@joao @silmathoron Counterpoint: I have never really used any Android phone as my daily driver, but sometimes I did have a need to pull one out of my drawer (even if just to test an Android build of one of my games). Waydroid starts to work well enough that I can really see it running on my L5 being enough for those rare cases!

For a regular daily use, a native app will always be strongly prefered, as running two full blown OSes on a phone is quite noticeably wasteful ;)

@silmathoron Yes, Byzantium. It needs patches in kernel, Mesa and Android image though - but nothing too weird or hacky, so hopefully this will work out-of-box in a not so distant future :)

Waydroid has never worked with GPU acceleration on the Librem 5 so far... time to change that!

Here's a trailer that we just made, for our game that's two years old already. Cute owls, intergalactic travels, weird puzzles with ordinary objects, plus legendary electronic sounds. Check it out :)

#gamedev #indiedev #indiegame #games #indie #art #stopmotionanimation #animation #crotchet #owl #mastoart

We just made a short trailer for a game that has been out for two years now. Well, better late than never!

@boilingsteam Hey, you missed Karambola! It got published 2022-06-16 on Steam and Flathub, and this release was developed on GNU/Linux 😉

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