@williamtries LN920: No audio. Theoretically it may be possible to get VoLTE working, but practically we're very far from being able to do so.

FN920: Same as above, plus no 2G/3G fallback. Not sure why would one want to use it without matching antennas anyway.

@williamtries Oh, glad to see it renders stuff! Back in the day the version of Mir used by UBports was way too old to support split display/render devices with non-linear implicit modifier, so it didn't work on Librem 5. I wanted to check if newer versions deal with it correctly since forever, but never really came around to actually do it:)

if i wanted you to easily download the binaries i would have made the binaries easy to download

if you're creating issues where you are upset about not being able to download the binaries i might decide to put in more effort and make it easier, or i could decide to commit to not providing binaries because i don't want people like you benefiting from things i build

(i've only done that once, and the user in question turned out to be a rabid transphobe. A+ decision)

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Take a hint: an input hint

There's a new #GNOME initiative, and this one's for everyone:

1. Identify entry widgets
2. Evaluate their purpose, and add `input-hints` and `input-purpose` properties judiciously, none is also fine.

Better #Accessibility, better #OSK experience, better software 🙂


@cb @ptrc ejabberd already has Matrix support in its paid version, and it's supposed to move to community version soon

@silmathoron @vantablack You can even use it to talk between two PCs. The list of available plugins may be slightly different though - it is a separate implementation on Android, but in the end they're both just clients for the same protocol.

@vantablack Valent implements the KDE Connect protocol as a GTK4 app; and on Plasma there's... well, KDE Connect 😂

If you're at @cactuscon and always wanted to try a #Librem5 phone running stock #pureOS or a #pinephone pro running @postmarketOS #PlasmaMobile, hit me up!

I should be onsite and mostly in the Career Village or one of the social areas from 2:30pm onwards, but am more than happy to dash about give folk a taste of

I don't work for Purism, Pine64, nor postmarketOS, I just noticed there's maybe an unmet demo interest and happen to have the HW while I'm at this hacker con

@Suiseiseki No, my reaction when looking at how to integrate a CMake-based NDK app with external deps into F-Droid's build system was "uhm, maybe later".

I do have an F-Droid repo with them though: dosowisko.net/fdroid/repo/ ...but there's also plenty of barely-working jam stuff in there so don't expect to be amazed 😂

How cool is that 😎👍
"Matrix support:
A #Matrix bridge was included in October 2022 in ejabberd Business Edition and Fluux ejabberd SaaS platform. Now it is planned to include it in the ejabberd Community Server too." #XMPP

I hastily threw together a version of #Conversations_im that has no address book integration and doesn’t ask for Contacts permission.
This seems to have made it through Google Play review just now meaning the app is no available on Google Play again.

No indication from Google that they were in the wrong and hallucinated the whole "uploads contact list" thing. Instead I had to walk the path of least resistance and remove the useful and entirely harmless feature of address book integration.

@tudza "Telling them otherwise" is the hard part. Look at the troubles Conversations (XMPP client) is having with Google Play right now.

Also, it's not some kind of a wide net I've been caught into. Some of my other games are still available, and I see no pattern in ones that got removed (randomly over the years). And the only game I uploaded that's not FOSS and likely does some light analytics (based on Defold engine from before it went source-available) is still there.

POV: a few years ago you uploaded a bunch of games into Google Play that:
- are fully Free Software
- don't gather any user data
- are fully local, no ads
- are complete and finished
- don't really need updating.

One of the games was removed because of "missing privacy policy". Others - I don't even know, they didn't bother to tell me 😜 Seems like the idea that some apps may simply respect the user and not exist to mine for data is unfathomable to Google.

🎙️ Compared to last year, we decided to do the podcast inside the cafeteria instead of outside, and on Sunday instead of Saturday. Twice the amount of FOSDEM days to talk about, and with more people talking in the background. Enjoy!


#fosdem #fosdem2024 #linuxmobile

@mcc Simply adding "pointer-events: none" to the indicator's element should do the trick.

@ptrc Thinking about it, stuff like Firefox Translations or Mozilla Common Voice kinda fits such label 🤔

@nullagent @MissBehave FYI there's a huge performance gap between PinePhone and Librem 5. L5 feels much closer to PPP than OG PP, for several reasons in their specs that people miss at first glance (GPU, LPDDR4, L1 cache, fast eMMC...)

@gerowen It took a long time, but by now all pre-ordered Librem 5s had been produced and delivered (as long as the customer didn't cancel or went MIA meanwhile). It reached shipping parity about half a year ago: puri.sm/posts/we-have-your-pho

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