HowTo: Getting a GPS fix inside a multi-story building:

@jc Depends, I've tested it in various conditions over last weeks. The module handles SBAS and can report its sats in GSV sentence - it works, although it takes it a while to decode its data. It's multi-constellation, so you get GLONASS (or BeiDou), QZSS and Galileo as well. So far I've managed to successfully inject GPS almanac & ephemerides and also Galileo ephemerides, so it's usually tracking 6-18 sats depending on conditions. It's poorly documented so it's not exactly straightforward :)

@tudza Yes, but guess what - someone had to implement it first!

Experimenting with utilizing assisted GNSS techniques on . Cold fix takes about 3 minutes in perfect conditions, but can easily take *much* longer otherwise - that's how GPS works. However, by downloading satellite data from the Internet instead of the sky it can go down to under a minute; sometimes even just a few seconds. Still a proof-of-concept at this point, but can already tell that catching a fix gets significantly easier this way:)

@devrtz We really ought to make it detect photo orientation 🙃

@Blort Taken with the default Millipixels, then developed with darktable. This is how it looked like straight from the camera app.

See for more examples and details about processing.

Librem 5 has a much better sensor than PinePhone. PinePhone Pro's one seems similar, but AFAIK its drivers aren't very mature yet. Taking photos works reliably on Librem 5 for me.

One issue that I have had with my since day one has been the wireless hotspot. Off and on, I try to take the time to troubleshoot the issue. Today, I had some time and I am on call which is when I need it most so I started looking at it. It worked first time without issue!!!
The only problem is, was it fixed by an update since the last time I looked at it, or did I fix it last time and not know it.
If I fixed it, I don't know what I did because it's been a couple of weeks.

Today there was a great update of the #millipixels camera app for the #Librem5. Many thanks to all who worked on this.

Very nice that you can see the #gain, #exposure, #whitebalance, and #focus values in real time!

I was honestly getting really fed up with my #librem5 last week. It's been years now and it wasn't anywhere near as reliable as a phone should be. But then a few days ago a fix for modem-resume-after-suspend was pushed and the difference is night and day! I can finally pull my phone out of my pocket in a high-stress my-kid-throwing-tantrum-in-supermarket-and-I-don't-know-which-dogfood-to-buy situation and know that it will Just Work .

@halcek @purism And this is my trip to the other side of the city to a concert today. I used the phone quite a lot - to check public transit, maps with GPS, XMPP chatting, some web browsing, taking plenty of photos and recording some videos... managed to get back home and plug it in with battery at 4% :)

It's my belief that if an electronic device needs replacing within four years—for any reason—it was defective from the beginning.

@halcek @purism That's yesterday's battery usage graph on my phone - I used it for a bit a few times and kept suspended otherwise. The battery is pretty old at this point, but still had 25% left after 10 hours of light usage.

Which WiFi card do you have? Could you try with WiFi switch set to off?

@astrid @natty @crumbcake @stellarskylark Yup, it has to poll (at least unless the device is suspended, as then it can trigger a remote wakeup - the only opportunity for a device to initiate communication).

@halcek @purism Despite of the posting date, that review looks really old. It lists outdated specs; charging issues with non-PD sources are long gone, and convergence and cameras work out of box for years now. Idle time without suspend is at around 8-10 hours these days, and with suspend it gets to 20 hours.

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