Fosdem 2023 is only a week away! I can't make it in person but I will be there in spirit. If you're like me and stuck at home, I recommend you attend a few live streams. Linux mobile content can be found in the "FOSS on Mobile Devices devroom" and the "Embedded, Mobile and Automotive devroom" . Presentations will also be viewable after the fact. #pinetime @fosdem

Big announcement ❤️
I've just released two books on Amazon!
A coloring book about #vaginas and a complimenting #notebook. I think they came out pretty well! I'm so psyched to have my #art printed out!

If you want your own, go to:
Heads up: the prices will go up after the weekend;)
It's a great opportunity if you appreciate my art and want to support my other projects! Thank you!

#vulva #mastoart #feminist #nonbinary #lesbian #lgbt #bodypositive #illustration

Little known fact: the Simpsons predicted DNS-over-HTTPS a couple of decades before was actually standardized!

Here's Homer Simpson mentioning DoH directly on the show in S08E09, "El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer)", in 1997.

#DNS #TheSimpsons

The LGBT Flag but it's compiling the Linux kernel on Gentoo

Long time no see! I had a long #hyperfocus working on something special, and was feeling incredibly unsocial.

More info in another post, hopefully soon :)
Can you tell what's on the picture? ;)
All the best ❤️
#nsfw #colorful #yoni #art #red #heart

@rysiek I'm still in a happy position that the only "IoT" appliances I have around are those I made by myself; let's keep it that way for as long as possible 🤞

Redundancy is when you only need to bother with fixing stuff when the last of the redundant services goes down.

@cassidy Don't worry - a consistent global menu on a server-side titlebar that still works when an app isn't responsive and has proper WM-based shadows is an antithesis of headerbars ;)

@deafboy Yeah, like I said - so 2010 :) I started using Oxygen back when it still had green and orange accents by default 😂 I liked it at first, but it started to feel a bit busy after a while. Breeze was a huge upgrade, but recently it's been taking some steps backwards.

Speaking about details - I wonder how much effort would it be to automatically hide that redundant hamburger menu for those who have already put one into their title bars... 🤔

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I'm not a fan of Plasma's new default color scheme... It seems like a small and subtle thing, but the devil's in the details - that gray just looks so dull! Dare I say - Adwaitian! I like Breeze Classic much better, especially when used with dark Plasma theme (which is also much better than the default light one). Adds some contrast and clarity. Attempting to blend title bar with window content feels so 2010:)

@m0bi13 @SceNtriC @emill1984 Po prostu część wartości została sczyszczona przy edycji posta, a część nie.

@m0bi13 @SceNtriC @emill1984 votes_count: 3433, voters_count: 2694; "Yes": 222, "No": 3211

Wygląda na to, że już poprawione, ale jeszcze nie było od tej pory release'a:

Preview of the incoming new 2-finger zoom gesture in Komikku

🧪 Work in progress

Screencast realized on my laptop with touchpad. Result is smoother on my Librem 5 with the touchscreen.

#gnome #gtk #libadwaita #comics #manga #linuxmobile

@naugtur I expected something similar, but neither rebooting nor purging ~/.cache helped. I can still instantly reproduce it by switching font hinting level to None or Slight 🤨

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