Everyone's excited about pretty sun flares right now; I found one in my collection too, although slightly different in its nature 😁

No manual editing this time, but an automatic postprocessing script using darktable-cli and rudimentary lens corrections. Takes ~30 sec to develop on the phone - about ten times longer than the default script used by Millipixels, but with much better results.

It seems to have happened without much fanfare, but about a month ago @purism has released the Librem 5 hardware layouts under GPLv3 (as original PADS and converted KiCad projects), joining the schematics that were already available from the start.


That's how straight lines look like through your phone's camera lens. Such distortion needs to be corrected in software.

Randomly stumbled upon Sean Moss-Pultz's short post about Openmoko, featuring some photos of a working prototype of GTA03/3D7K, the cancelled successor to the Neo Freerunner that was being worked on around 2009. So far I have only heard verbal descriptions of how it looked like (usually described as "a soap dish" 😂) and seen photos of some casing mock-ups and bare PCBs, but never a complete device.


Some soldering iron practice and a bit of melted plastic later, I've got a side LED soldered - and it works!

...but only on second try, after making it face the wrong way and with some bodge wires applied. Well, you can't get *everything* right in the layout of your first prototype, can you? 😜

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Watch out, I'm a hardware designer now! My first board is here and it works!

Super happy with the "ambient light" effect:) There's one LED shining at the back into the hand, and another behind the screen, giving the impression of light passing through the PCB. Quite mesmerizing.

I still need to put side LEDs on (one for each of the touch pads), but those tiny SK6812-4020 turned out to be way beyond my amazing soldering skills 😅

POV: a few years ago you uploaded a bunch of games into Google Play that:
- are fully Free Software
- don't gather any user data
- are fully local, no ads
- are complete and finished
- don't really need updating.

One of the games was removed because of "missing privacy policy". Others - I don't even know, they didn't bother to tell me 😜 Seems like the idea that some apps may simply respect the user and not exist to mine for data is unfathomable to Google.

project status: 3D view is cool, but apparently not cool enough for @holypangolin. She promptly fixed it though!

I heard that people were against because of its bloat. Maybe they're right after all, looks like it's got its own 3D engine now!

(jokes aside, everything seems to point to it being getting misreported for some reason, but nevertheless, this sight has left me seriously confused at first)

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