Experimenting with utilizing assisted GNSS techniques on . Cold fix takes about 3 minutes in perfect conditions, but can easily take *much* longer otherwise - that's how GPS works. However, by downloading satellite data from the Internet instead of the sky it can go down to under a minute; sometimes even just a few seconds. Still a proof-of-concept at this point, but can already tell that catching a fix gets significantly easier this way:)

Croatia through Librem 5's eye - photos taken on automatic settings, with interactive comparison between images straight out of Millipixels and those processed in darktable afterwards.


@holypangolin There's Karambola, Odgłos and also Agata's new animated movie project that you can support to actually turn it into a full short!

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Librem 5 waking up from system suspend on incoming call's first signal; soon your L5 will do that too.

I'm not a fan of Plasma's new default color scheme... It seems like a small and subtle thing, but the devil's in the details - that gray just looks so dull! Dare I say - Adwaitian! I like Breeze Classic much better, especially when used with dark Plasma theme (which is also much better than the default light one). Adds some contrast and clarity. Attempting to blend title bar with window content feels so 2010:)

Modern games doing dithered 1-bit alpha with temporal AA to mimic translucency (many UE4 games do that) give me that "quirky graphics tricks for retro consoles" vibe. Sure, it's pretty clever, but I can... ahem... see right through it!

Just for fun - a day's worth of temperature data as collected by seven different sensors all next to each other (MCP9700A, BMP180, BMP280, DHT11, AHT20, SHT30 and DS18B20). Note how the offsets used on the second graph are all within the stated accuracy of their respective sensors 😊

Worth noting that MCP9700A data is negatively affected by poor ADC that I used (D1 Mini's ESP8266) and doesn't actually represent the quality of the sensor itself. All the other sensors are digital though.

Well, this solves the mystery of several unsolicited "hi" messages I've been receiving from @movim's XMPP server lately (that I've been simply ignoring so far). Have a wonderful day folks!

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