Completely forget: I've tagged version 0.0.3 of μPlayer (a small video player using and targeting fullscreen landscape playback on mobile phones) the other day:

The small green indicator in the top right corner is supposed to figure out if hardware acceleration is in use (as otherwise your battery is drained quickly).

Packages on flathub are updated.

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@agx How full feature is this player? I've been working on a youtube app that uses mpv. Would you consider this a better choice than mpv on mobile with mobile settings? My biggest complaint is there's no way to increase playback speed

@twiclo mpv has way, way more features and I use it a lot on the desktop.

µPlayer doesn't even try to compete but rather to be mobile and touch friendly.

Playback speed was on the list of things to add so I added that (, needs some styling) and I tripped on a phoc bug in fullscreen and fixed that as well.

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