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The design behind a and secure mobile phone

"I don't think I am mistaken if I say that the Librem 5 is the most modular smartphone out there."

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3D Gaming on the Librem 5

The Vivante GC7000Lite GPU in the Librem 5 provides a lot of 3D rendering power while still protecting your with free software drivers. Here’s a look at how some 3D games run on the Librem 5 today.

0.4.0 is out 🚀 :

window preview thumbnails (@dos), more quicksettings ( and fixes in several areas. Check the changelog!


Our car radio does not do so after fixing up headphone detection in device tree and finishing 's mpris MediaPlayer2 interface i can now feed sound via a 3.5mm audio cable from my l5 to the car radio via and . Will show up on a near you soon.

With modem and WiFi on I got 5h 34min, and with both off - 7h 45min. With final battery that should translate to about 9h and 12h respectively.

This progress comes mostly due to runtime power management improvements - we don't suspend the CPU! With WiFi on, the phone was reachable and ssh-able through all this time.

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6 hours 7 minutes of idle time with modem on and fully reachable on Birch! That'd be about 10h for Dogwood's battery!

The only caveat: SD card reader needs to be disabled (for now). Power management comes together pretty nicely on the Librem 5! :)

The newest game I've been working on, ODGŁOS, is finally available to play! A cute owl, the history of electronic music, shapeshifting snakes and intergalactic journeys inside the Polish Radio Experimental Studio - all in a stop-motion interactive story :) You'll need a browser, headphones and 30 minutes to spare. Have fun!

This is unmodified desktop Chromium straight from the Debian repositories.

Video decoding is unaccelerated yet, but 1080p videos seem to work well even without it (although power hungry a bit :)).

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That's how the Librem 5 performs with all the GPU acceleration in place :) @purism

Since i got this question recently: how can i help advancing and related projects *financially* (without buying a right away)? Simplest is to get a paid subscription ( atm.

0.3.0 is out:

Notifications can be persistent now thanks to zbrown, screen blanking/locking and haptic feedback are improved as is .


Several years ago, a colleague told me an old war story about how he was asked to build a database of his colleague's notes from therapy sessions, so that their employers could secretly read them. I asked if he knew it was illegal, and he said yes. I asked if he refused the work, he said no. I asked if he told the authorities, he said no. He seemed to think this was all perfectly fine.

I still think about that conversation a lot.

Your Librem 5 is Calling

Default and pixel perfect. A snapshot of the preinstalled applications on the Librem 5.

Thanks to work of @purism kernel team and ongoing upstreaming efforts, getting new kernels to run on the Librem 5 is a breeze! This is running the freshly released 5.7-rc1 with ~100 patches on top; some of which are already queued for 5.8.

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