Your Librem 5 is Calling

Default and pixel perfect. A snapshot of the preinstalled applications on the Librem 5.

@purism it's cool to communicate on cool stuff but you know, a friend a me were wondering if you forgot us.

Fortunately, there is a short blog post about new delays due to #coronavirus

#phone #librem5 #libreSoftware #SarsCoV2

@purism looks great.. Can't wait until mid august for evergreen.. Assuming there are no further delays due to covid 19

@mmanfredi @purism

Can we expect more refined software for evergreen because of this delay @purism ?

PS- I would have thought so.

PPS- I don't expect to see my phone in August given past delays with no COVID influence so expectations already managed.

@mmanfredi @purism

I think I'm evergreen tbh I can't really the batch name.

The customer comms is poor from @purism . Shipping has been delayed at least 4 times for me and they never contact me to let me know. I think they have only ever contacted me twice and one was the receipt for buying the phone.

@mmanfredi @purism note the hedged bets about "start of evergreen batch". Given history, I wouldn't expect to see a device before September or October, even though I was an early contributor (first 14 days)

@purism it's very cool :0 every thing works whit free software
thats nice and beautiful uwu


Can't wait to put my hands on it too. Keep ti up with the good work!

@purism Nice work! I can't wait to see the day the Librem 5 gets mainstream appeal. Keep it up! 👍

Would love. Too expensive.
Are there cheaper alternatives?
My budget for a mobile phone is usually lower than €200.

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