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"I don't think I am mistaken if I say that the Librem 5 is the most modular smartphone out there."

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@Fairphone do you accept the challenge?
Also, I do not know how it is compared to shift phone

Fairphone has already proven themselves. In order for it to really be a challenge Purism would actually have to produce a more modular phone or else it is just words. Fairphone has produced three more phones that are more modular than what Purism has developed. Fairphone has also provided a place to purchase the replacement parts needed.
@purism @Fairphone

@purism Where are you with battery life? I've been waiting for that to improve before taking the plunge.

@Dusky If you order now, you'll receive your phone by the time when battery capacity has probably doubled or tripled ;-)

@purism "most modular smartphone out there" ? I don't think so.
There's the Fairphone which is completely modular and already in the market.
Librem5 is still not even "out there".
Anyway good work, I support your project and I wish you the best 😉😊😊

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