That's how the Librem 5 performs with all the GPU acceleration in place :) @purism

This is unmodified desktop Chromium straight from the Debian repositories.

Video decoding is unaccelerated yet, but 1080p videos seem to work well even without it (although power hungry a bit :)).

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@dos Could the hardware acceleration be included into gnome web or something?

@craftyguy Upstream Mesa 20.0 and our kernel tree based on 5.7-rc6 (but should be pretty much the same on 5.6 already).

I have some hacks that enable 60 FPS refresh rate though, it's normally limited to 30 for reasons unrelated to performance.

@dos @purism Ohhhhh wow that's impressive! Wonder what that looks like in other apps.

(Also wondering what it looks like trying to play Minetest on it, because I plan to try that when I get mine haha)

@jfred @purism It depends. GL apps are fast and snappy, but most GTK3 apps are slower because they render everything in software. Things should massively improve once we switch to GTK4 and make it work well with mobile GPUs.

@dos @purism did I just see a back gesture 😍 looks very promising. I should start saving some money now!!

@anirudh @purism Epiphany (GNOME Web) also has a nice back gesture :) Once it starts to properly utilize GPU acceleration it should be pretty fast as well.

@dos @purism This is incredible. Sure, there's a long way to go, but there is so much promise for this platform.

Curious how Firefox compares to this. Also Newpipe, I saw that icon in your apps.

@spacemanspiffy @purism Firefox isn't that smooth yet. It defaults to GPU accel being off and you can only force the old OpenGL compositor on - no WebRender yet.

However, I'd expect it to become just as smooth once etnaviv and WebRender start to play well with each other :)

@spacemanspiffy @purism Also, recent dmabuf improvements in Firefox on Wayland should have a positive impact - but I've tested only the ESR version so far which doesn't have those.

@dos @purism WOAH, that's smooth!
Unfortunately that Chrome. Are there improvements on the Firefox side as well?

@dos Impressive, thanks! There's also a command line switch to enable the better looking overlay scrollbar.

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