@williamtries@fosstodon.org You don't need to reencrypt nor resize the latest images, it's done automatically at first boot.

For building stuff like Millipixels, I'd rather advice using Debian packaging to automatically resolve dependencies and build an installable .deb file, as installing things manually quickly becomes a huge unmanageable mess.

PureOS comes with working mobile config for Firefox in firefox-esr-mobile-config package, which IIRC should be installed by default on the phone.

@dos @williamtries Thanks @dos, I vaguely remembered this about re-encryption, thank you for confirming. Regarding millipixels, I would actually recommend to teach people how to download builds from CI master source.puri.sm/Librem5/millipi (it also saves precious space on the eMMC to not install all the build requirements), if they're curious - and with 0.21.0 released, this is temporarily useful, but may not always be.

@linmob @dos @williamtries@fosstodon.org Current millipixels main branch can be fetched (and installed) as a debian package using `l5-fetch-next millipixels`

@agx `l5-fetch-next` requires `l5-devscripts` to be installed, correct? Which is not a tiny meta-package 🙂

@dos @williamtries


@linmob @dos @williamtries@fosstodon.org it's contained in l5-devscripts, which is actually tiny with very few dependencies. It *recommends* a lot of things to make developing for the l5 easier but that can be skipped, see apt-get --no-install-recommends ...). This is similar in spirit to Debian's devscripts package.

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