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New little feature on this weekend: the account page will now display the number of followers a user has, and also in which server that account is the most popular.

Hope this will help users find more niche servers that host the communities they want to be part of! Also if you are on a server like that bans and you want to move, this is now my recommended way to find a new home

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Proud to introduce my new activitypub project: . Do you wish to follow on mastodon some people that are still on the bird site? Now you can! You can even follow the muskrat if you want @elonmusk (but why would you?)

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I have been obsessing over Stable Diffusion over the last few weeks, and I wanted to to a quick thread of my best results so far 馃憞

New cool feature on this morning: pinned tweets!

They show as native pinned toots and they are not affected by the 100 top tweets limitation.

To fix the crawling, I'm going to need to start using Twitter accounts to fetch new posts. This is getting complicated for the time I can put on this as a side project, so I'm going to rely on Nitter implementing this, then I'm going to use that. You can track progress here:

There is another thing I can fix natively in though. I noticed pinned tweets are there in user lookups. I can forward this, and the top 100 limitation doesn't apply to that.


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I'm getting a lot of question about what's currently working with, so here it is:

The system is mostly back online, but there are some major limitation when crawling new posts.

- To be forwarded, a post has to be in the top 100 of an account as measured by likes
- There are no retweets being forwarded right now


One really useful thing Nitter could do is to log the id of new tweets (and their author) as it encounters them during normal operation. could simply hook into that byproduct and it can already figure out the rest on its own.

I鈥檒l sleep on it and if I still like it I鈥檒l propose it to the nitter dev

And no retweets, but I did notice I can get pinned tweets though

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And we are back*, baby!

* with the limitation on popular tweets for now

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Currently setting up a mastodon instance and it looks like all requests have a 20 second delay added. It's driving me crazy!

Anyone knows what's up? My google-fu is giving me nothing

So they are all green right now, and the fetching tweets part works from my computer and CI, but not from any of the servers... The approach of fetching tweets from the embeds doesn't seem to work....

FML, and back to the drawing board!

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I will continue with something homegrown for users and individual tweets, but I'm thinking if I should add a dependency on nitter to fetch timelines 馃

The lead dev has timelines working again already:

While having everything built-in is neat, strategies to crawl are getting more complicated and it's starting to take a lot of time to re-implement things in C#

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@vincent I'm loving the conflicting poll responses so far. "Fixing bird isn't worth it! But you should do it!"

I have also been prototyping for Instagram, which will be called

Should I focus my energy on that instead?

@jerome I designed from the beginning to rely on endpoints that would break major use-cases of their product like yours if they ever remove them.

Turns out Elon is perfectly willing to break them, which completely blows my mind


"a fascinating way to show users the refresh rate of their screen by spinning a specially designed zoetrope-like disc graphic at speed. As it spins, the numbers representing the viewer鈥檚 refresh rate should remain visually stable unlike surrounding numbers."

Looks like Twitter has made it so that when you look up a profile without being logged in, you see posts ranked by likes instead of by time. This will be a problem鈥

TweetDeck still runs, but it is hidden 

Guys I didn鈥檛 change anything yet and started working again 馃く

Looks like Twitter has removed the endpoint was using to fetch profiles...

I'll do another reverse engineering round to figure out another way

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