phosh 0.21.1 is out 🚀📱 :

A new minor release: mostly to catch up with calls 43 and glib 2.74.0 but there are more fixes and lots of translation updates too.

Check out the full release notes at


The next images will contain phosh-plugins and phosh-mobile-settings by default. This lets you display calendar entries on your lockscreen and easily configure your scale-to-fit applications...


Tout le monde déteste la publicité.


During the summer Radically Open Security performed a security audit of Fractal as part of the NLnet grant.

The results can be found over here

We just published the first tagged alpha release of Fractal.

This doesn't change how we publish Fractal builds and it's still only available on GNOME Nightly.

Portuguese speakers, what non-binary pronouns you use/hear/prefer?

Boosts ok!

it should be impossible for a website to be this good (shout-out to @ifixcoinops)

Vamos analisar um pouco melhor esta resposta da TAP? 👇
"evitar o ataque na fase inicial" - Não evitaram, o ataque aconteceu, dados foram roubados. Não importa se foi na fase inicial ou não. Não foram capazes de o evitar.

A #TAP está a saber lidar com o ataque que sofreu. A comunicação está on point. 🤡

@Lunali me la has dejado a huevo para rematar a puerta 😜

Disnews #6
Well this one has taken on it's own life, run away and barricaded itself in the basement for a while. Using power of persuasion and ton of cake, we did manage to get it out.
So here's what's "new":
😋 Roundcube webmail
🤩 Catchall email feature
😎 We have stickers now!
🤔 SearxNG
😝 Xmpp file upload limit


Let's hope for more regular news from now on :P

Geary 43 branched, will be released in one or two weeks:
- Support for auto configuration (like Thunderbird)
- Reworked move/copy popover
- Fix an issue not marking all messages on server
- Fix "running in background" support
- More images loading options
- Fix contacts completion

This is what happens when you apply demosaicing to your build log. That's what image processing work for #libcamera looks like.

Since a glib update in Debian yesterday, phosh seems to like to crash a lot. This is likely caused by a deprecation of functionality in glib and caused . This was fixed like an hour ago in phosh 0.21.0-2, so do not despair.

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