As inscrições para o Freedom Not Fear estão abertas. Bruxelas, 1 a 4 de Setembro, há apoios para a viagem e estadia.

Freedom not Fear (fnf) is an annual self-organised conference on privacy and digital rights. People from all across Europe meet and work towards more freedom in the digitalised world, plan actions against increasing surveillance and other attacks on civil rights. As part of the conference we are visiting the European Parliament in Brussels and talk to decision-makers on EU-level.

Freedom not Fear is being supported by a broad alliance including political parties, professional associations, trade unions and freedom activists and more than 150 organisations that share a common goal.

We want freedom of speech in a digitalised world and a free and uncensored internet to express ourselves.

We want privacy in the knowledge society, not surveillance.

We want to live in freedom, not in fear.

At the GNOME Mobile hackfest:
GNOME OS image for the Purism Librem 5 booting 🥳

Apparently someone somewhere on the internet has been advising people that they can get "safe" speaker output on their 14" MacBook Pros by cloning the speaker safety daemon and Pipewire DSP and installing both manually.

This is false, and a cursory glance at either repo would tell you that they are absolutely 1000% NOT ready for production, or even alpha testing to be quite honest. There is still a very high chance that you destroy your machine if you don't know EXACTLY what you are doing.

Yes, the daemon is able to twiddle a volume knob. Yes, the DSP repo has impulse responses for the 14" MacBook. Neither of these facts mean that you're getting a safe or reliable experience from the speakers on that machine, or any other machine.

Not all the work we do in this space is public. The daemon in its current state relies on yet to be published patches to the ASoC driver, and the Pipewire DSP relies on patches that have not even been merged upstream, let alone tagged out in a release by the Pipewire devs. Even if you managed to clone and run the daemon and copy the DSP files to the correct locations, neither would work and all you'd end up doing is permanently damaging your machine.

Please, please, please, PLEASE do not follow guides which instruct you to install unreleased/alpha software, not just for Asahi Linux stuff but in general. Best case scenario you end up with an unstable system. Worst case, like what is very possible with this software, you literally melt your computer.

And this is how it looks on a device with notch. Also enabled PHOC_DEBUG=cutouts so phoc renders the bounding box of these.

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Finally got to look at this again and instead of just pushing down 's top panel we now place the clock to the left or right based on the available space. The logic is still pretty simple but it covers the cases where we have data for in . Will try to land this in 0.29.0.

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10 years ago Edward Snowden, working with journalists at The Guardian and Washington Post, exposed shockingly widespread mass surveillance by the NSA. Despite some progress, alarming violations of Americans’ privacy rights and prosecutions of whistleblowers continue.

Power to the Poles, standing up to their equivalent of Trumpism. 500k people, including Lech Walesa, in the streets to protest anti-democracy, anti-union and anti-LGBT politics.

“'The whole of Poland, the whole of Europe and the whole world sees how strong we are and how we are ready to fight for democracy and freedom again, like we did 30, 40 years ago,' [Former PM] Tusk told the crowds at the start of the rally."

phosh 0.28.0 is out 🚀📱:

There's quality of life and visual improvements both in phone and docked mode.

Check the release notes for details:


"This is Smaug, the dragon from The Hobbit. Smaug famously stole a mountain full of gold. So full that he sleeps buried under gold. We're talking literal tons and tons of gold by weight.

Forbes ranks Smaug as the second wealthiest fictional character. He had been first, but the price of gold took a tumble and now his vast, overwhelming fortune is only worth an estimated $51,400,000,000.00, or $51.4 billion.

That means that EVEN THOUGH he has an ENTIRE MOUNTAIN full of almost nothing but solid gold, Smaug would rank as the FIFTEENTH wealthiest American.

Fourteen Americans have more money than a gold- hoarding dragon.

Please consider that next time you say deca- billionaires deserve their wealth and shouldn't pay their employees living wages. "

“Until a drag queen walks into a school and beats eight kids to death with a copy of To Kill A Mockingbird, I think you’re focusing on the wrong shit.”

- Wanda Sykes

Warning issued for Socialists travelling to Florida. I say Socialists should ignore this warning and start a campaign to spread Socialism as much as possible in Florida. Florida needs Socialism more than most states in America right now.

I’m done cross-posting @elementary to Twitter. I really hoped it would get better, but with the latest news of Elon promoting Ron DeSantis’ presidential run, I’m done. It’s become a far-right social network no different from Parlor or Truth Social and I won’t be a part of it.

After @jacqueline told me it was possible, I tried 3d fdm printing a keycap for my mnt reform trackball. Went surprisingly well!

Getting it to fit was a bit fiddly and not the sort of process I enjoy, but it sure beats not having just the exposed switch...

We've all been conditioned to think of a bell and a dog when someone says "Pavlov"

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