Meanwhile, adaptive message dialogs, and a good opportunity to improve the API over GtkMessageDialog.

It hasn't landed yet, but it's fairly close.

If I didn't have to move, this probably would have happened in March or April.

If any women need financial assistance to travel to Oregon for exercising their reproductive rights, hit me up.

Fuck the #scotus.

USPol, obviously very negative 

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USPol, obviously very negative 

Microsoft's Github Copilot is disregarding Free Software licenses and will be happily selling parts of your GPL code against your will! Woo!

As the author of this article says - free software should be dependant on free software architecture - I recommend as an open-source alternative to Github.
Sadly Github is no longer a platform that can be trusted.

CC: @codeberg

#FOSS #Github #Copilot #Microsoft #GPL #OpenSource #FreeSoftware #Codeberg

When everything else fails, try the instructions manual.

flatpak sometimes feels like app devs shipping to the end users the OS that app devs prefer via the runtimes, on top of the host system OS. but without app devs having to maintain the full stack of a linux distro.

I look forward to my GitHub copilot royalty check in the mail.

Violate one license and you’re a criminal. Violate every license and you’re an AI.

#microsoft #copilot

@rysiek from the environmental justice perspective, I like Vandana Shiva's work. I wouldn't have gotten into FOSS if not for it. My sophomore year I wrote a paper on access, energy, archives, and knowledge institutions, which discusses how we could imagine an archive on the basis of good land relations and stewardship.

Added audio controls, share button and toasts to the :pixelfed: Live app!

Go live and share a public link that anyone can view, shipping soon to a #pixelfed instance near you!

Android + iOS apps are being prepared for release 🚀 #pixelfedLive #liveStreaming

Would it be okay if you trained the github copilot model on leaked windows sourcecode and then start contributing to wine?

Stolen from bird site screenshot w/o description:

"The #COVID lockdown has demonstrated 3 things:

* Our economy collapses as soon as it stops selling useless stuff to over-indebted people

* It is perfectly possible to reduce pollution

* The lowest paid people in the country are essential to its functioning"

Dyzio may let you try it out, but judging from the look on his face you'll have to solve a set of his riddles first.

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🔩 Maintenance window - #33 🔩

Today (21.06.2022) starting from 21:00 CET we are going to do some maintenance work on disroot. As result there will be short downtimes of following services:

🍵 Gitea (
💾 Cryptpad (
🗒️ Etherpad (
📬 Mail server
⛈️ Cloud (

@gitea needs your help to implement #ActivityPub 🙏

Browse the task list maintained by @ta180m at, pick one and help #Gitea move towards #federation. If you are not sure how to help, just reply and someone in the @forgefriends community will guide you.

🚀 boost appreciated!

📢 Disroot news #5 📢

Hi there disrooters. Some news from disroot front of last months:

🎉 We bought new servers!
🤑 New storage prices
📩 Auto moving SPAM mails
📬 Lacre news!
💬 Stop #chatcontrol

Read all about it at:

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