Today I start my new job, working full time on #postmarketOS 🥳

After two and a half years of rewrite, #Fractal 5 is finally out! Get the #GTK 4 #Rust #Matrix client from and enjoy new features such as #EndToEndEncryption, location sharing, or multi-account with Single-Sign On 🚀


"Daily Driving Mobile Linux" posts are too overdone. What about a "Not Daily Driving Android" post?

- I did not get popup ads obscuring my apps.
- I did not have to restart Google Play Services
- I was able to remove the apps my OS came with.
- My phone did not overheat because it is too weak for Android tracking.
- My phone did not get a virus from the official app sources.
- I didn't have Sudoku 2 preinstalled.

#MobileLinux #LinuxMobile #Android #Satire

Happy 36th anniversary of the Max Headroom Signal Hijacking, for those who celebrate.

Here is the final video! It was entirely made with a Librem14 and some accessories featuring in the video (screens + tablet).

I used Free Software only: , and . 🎬

Got an UVC webcam working in Megapixels 2.0

It's currently pushing YUYV formatted data into a RGGB debayer so that's completely wrong, but it runs!

Interestingly, a significant chunk of applies to the #LinuxMobile "market", especially the section about software support.
Actually, you could replace #RaspberryPi with #Librem5 in this section and it would still make a lot of sense! Kudos to @purism engineers for that 😉️

Our shared stand together with #PureOS, @mobian, #SailfishOS and @ubports for #FOSDEM2024 got accepted!

We hope to see you all there! We'll show of some devices running all our awesome software and will gladly answer all your questions and show you all the new cool stuff that happened since last year!

Estudantes de Coimbra atiram tinta a banner da Universidade

COIMBRA Estudantes de Coimbra atiram tinta a banner da Universidade de Coimbra onde pode ser lido “Somos a universidade mais sustentável de Portugal e TOP 30 mundial” denunciando a sua parceria com o Banco Sa

#PublicaoAberta #AltPT #CMI #Coimbra #Ecologia #fimaofossil #Indymedia #lisboa #ocupapeloclima #Protesto #PTrevolutionTV

Aviso laranja (Lisboa):
Níveis de tech bros demasiado elevados ali p'ra zona à beira Tejo, por estes dias. Tomar as devidas precauções.

#Phosh (el shell para Gnome en móviles) ha mejorado una barbaridad.

The Call for submissions to the mobile Linux devroom is out now! Submit your talks till December 8!

We are excited to learn what is happening in the ecosystem.
And if you can't make it to the devroom, make sure you'll visit our stand.
#fosdem #fosdem2024 #linux_on_mobile

Once again, John Oliver making things clear with humor, wit and a big heart. Yes, you can feel the pain and fear of people on both sides of the war. Yes, Israelis are not Netanyahu and Palestinians are not Hamas. And yes, definitely, a cease fire is not the solution but it is a first step in the right direction.

#JohnOliver #LastWeekTonight

"I'm just not feeling like contributing to the camera ecosystem anymore. "

Don't get fooled by the title... This is yet another difficult story of a free/libre software maintainer doing so much hard volunteer work only to furhter meeting hadship, lack of recognition/support/funding, and getting burnt out.. :(

(If you use a #pinephone or ever thought this could become a solution for freeing the mobile computing ecosystem, this concerns you...)

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