0.8.0 is out 🚀 : source.puri.sm/Librem5/phosh/-

Changing output resolutions and scaling via GNOME Settings should now mostly work, system modal dialogs don't pop up on the lock screen anymore plus more fixes and i18n improvements. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release!


Hoje seguiu a nossa 1ª newsletter geral, um sai-quando-sai de baixa frequência da D3.

No menu: queixa contra empresas adtech; receitas sem fim da taxa da cópia privada; encriptação das telecomunicações; fim da Stayaway Covid.

É assinar!

@phryk I found my ancient Philips mp3 player. I wonder if the battery still works.

Oh wait, of course it does, it's powered by a single AA battery.

German Court rules that YPG and YBŞ flags not banned 

There is no procrastination, it's called lazy initializiation.


The 3rd of my Librem 5 recent teasers, that was made in lock-down mode, with what I had at home : lbry.tv/@purism:8/gaming-that-

Continuamos a pagar um imposto, cada vez mais pesado, q não tem a mínima lógica. Sempre q compramos um produto tecnológico com capacidade de gravação e/ou armazenamento, pagamos um imposto privado q n tem qq justificação. E sempre q a lei é alterada é para pagarmos ainda mais.

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Partilhei isto como se fosse um DeLorean, para os meus amigos normalóides (com dificuldades culturais geek). Uma amiga observou que se calhar, era o Flash a passar devagarinho. Na verdade, aposto em teste a turbolasers.

Section 230 is not, as Trump and other politicians have suggested, a handout to today’s dominant Internet companies. It protects all of us. eff.org/deeplinks/2020/12/its-

With latest updates, GNOME Web (Epiphany) can play YouTube videos on the Librem 5, so you won't have to switch to Firefox to do that anymore. And you won't believe where the bug was located[1]! ;) Call `sudo apt install gstreamer1.0-libav` or wait a few days until it's installed by default with the next update and enjoy. @purism

[1] it was in glibc...

# End-of-the-Year sticker design competition

Create a sticker design you like and drop it to cloud.disroot.org/s/FP9HPEXbfK before the 25th of December. Winning stickers will be printed and send as a sticker-pack to Disroot donators throughout 2021.

- Be creative
- You can do FLOSS, federation, Fediverse, etc.
- Go wild
- Send svg files
- Fuck 2020 ;)

Your sticker design should have Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)

#Distickeroot #Disroot


Riding on a wave of nostalgia, took out my #Jolla 1s and #JollaC (running various versions of #SailfishOS 2.x), performed factory resets, and updated all of them to the latest #Sailfish3. Took several hours, but they now feel like brand new devices. I miss the smaller screens!

@zeh @fede

yup, tenho as 4 temporadas do expanse aqui :D

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