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trump, protests, comparing sizes 

This might be a good time to remind everyone and their dog, especially if they're wearing a uniform, how "just following orders" is perhaps an explanation, but definitely not a justification.

proprietary software be like oh you want to do $task?
haha fuck you look at this ad instead

Acharam a reforma do Direito de Autor um tema polémico?

O Digital Services Act é a reforma do Direito de Autor em esteróides. É tb a questão por trás do caso Trump/Twitter.
O tema é complexo e o debate ainda está por fazer.

German police investigating links between the military and far right seize weapons and explosives at home of special forces soldier

We have a status page!

Every time you hit F5, a sysadmin gets their coffee.

Consider the following:

1. #Zoom, a company with bad security track record and murky ownership now has clandestine supply-chain-attack capability on #Keybase, and

2. Keybase is used by a lot of people to sign their #git commits and whatnot.


3. Zoom, a company with bad security track record and murky ownership now has potential supply-chain-attack capability on a lot of software whose git commits are signed using keys that touch Keybase.

#ThisIsFine #InfoSec

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#gnome calendar looks soooo nice but still unusably slow (seems to load all events anew each time) and unstable (crashes if I scroll forward a bunch of weeks quickly)

One day I'll be able to use all the default programs :)

We recently featured two inspiring community stories on our blog and the interview in the first was conducted by community member @thibaultamartin You all are amazing 🙌 🎉 🚀

Building a app with and

Conversation with fphemeral:
Community Member & Librem 5 Early Adopter

This is what a private, secure and freedom respecting phone looks like

We are so proud of what the team and community have achieved so far and it's only going to get better 🚀

Some short email hiccup.

Sorry we had to restart the email server which caused some downtime.

We also are getting reports the last days of issues with webmail. Please do report it to us when it happens (use DM to not add too much noise for others).

🔥 Cloud issues 🔥

Our cloud container has frozen during the weekly backup which caused downtime. We woke up this morning to a broken Nextcloud. Quick coffee and and quick fix brought it back online (had to hard kill the backup process, hardkill the container, restore from backup, launch temporary one).

Sorry for the downtime. It's all Corona's fault anyway!

Now that we put some more groundwork into we can start to experiment with gestures in the compositor. It's just a hack so far to see if we're moving in the right direction:


In a world full of bored pranksters willing to zoombomb en masse, a truly anonymous contact tracing app doesn't stand a chance. It'll only take a small number of trolls to make identification mandatory.

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