heads up: GNOME Software and Plasma Discover broke with an upgrade of libapk in postmarketOS, unfortunately both in edge and in stable. We are working on fixes. In the meantime, make use of your linux phone's terminal or SSH and just run the package manager via command-line.


Google went from “don’t be evil” to “help commit genocide or you’re fired”.

Say it with me, kids: "A biometric is an identifier, never an authenticator."

No #LinuxFoundation, not "rebel", but "evil 800 pound gorilla suing the life out of projects left and right"

Don't whitewash history
#ossummit #opensource #Microsoft

Absolutely disgusted at my employer (Google) for this bullshit (firing 28 people for peacefully protesting against Google's contract with Israel's army) instagram.com/p/C54qFvUtuzY/?i

@mobian is back in business! Now with a new hoster and server, blog, repository, and image downloads should be back up again.

There might be a few old DNS cache leftovers which should resolve themselves soon.

Yay for good backups and sorry for the downtime!

🍥 APT 2.9 Released: Debian's APT 3.0 To Have A New UI With Colors, Columnar Display & More | Phoronix


#Debian #Linux #Opensource

O nosso @rlafuente no Festival Impacto a discursar sobre: "Alguns mitos sobre a forma como nos (des)entendemos online".

One of the sad side-effects of the #xz #backdoor is that many projects feel like they need to move away from #autoconf, when the problem wasn’t autoconf itself, but shipping a bunch of .m4 files – and that nobody diffed repo vs tarball (if nobody does that, it doesn’t matter what you do in the repo, e.g. switching build systems).

This is sad because it means cross-compiling stuff will soon no longer be possible, as autoconf is so far the only thing that gets cross-compiling right. CMake is a complete mess, Meson is far from great for cross-compiling and everything else just outright doesn’t support it.

People, clean up your configure.ac, get rid of .m4 and audit repo vs. tarball! That’s less work, much more effective and doesn’t kill cross-compiling!

Also, if you absolutely must blame a piece of software that was used by xz for this: That’ll be #gettext, which was the reason for the insane amount of .m4 files in the first place. gettext is a mess and that is really something we should get rid of.

Last Saturday there was a dust cloud over Lisbon from the Sahara desert.


At least I got to test that the can work with mild desert dust clouds 😅

But it did took a bit longer than what I expected to get a fix.

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phosh 0.38.0 is out 🚀📱:

- #phosh: Better handle devices with rounded display corners, support count and progress in launcher entries
- #phoc: Handle always-on-top and move to display corner
- #squeekboard: Many layout improvements
- p-o-s: Disable OSK when hw keyboard is available in p-o-s

…and more. Check out the full release notes at phosh.mobi/releases/rel-0.38.0

#librem5 #pinephone #gtk #wlroots #gnome #linux #mobile #LinuxMobile

Langer Dienstag im #Verschenkeladen des #Kanthaus in #Wurzen:

🧢 Sommerkleidung
🔨 Offene Werkstatt
🚲 Fahrradreparatur
😍 Verlosung
🍰 Kaffee und Kuchen

16. April - 15 bis 18 Uhr
Kantstraße 22 in Wurzen

' Doctor at Israeli Detention Camp for Gazans Blows Whistle on War Crimes
"Just this week, two prisoners had their legs amputated due to handcuff injuries, which unfortunately is a routine event."'
commondreams.org/news/gaza-det #palestine #WarCrimes #genocide

Today is a very exciting day for me. My contract at day-job has changed, and I'm now working an average of 2-days a week. This means I can now spend the rest of my working time on #FOSS, basically #postmarketOS and #GNOME and help move our mobile communities closer and forward together.

It's no coincidence I'm doing this some months after @craftyguy went full-time on this, as we were in contact about it before it happened, but it's amazing to see this second part of this plan becoming real!

Flabbergasted by people saying "Yes I agree Meta has been guilty of allowing genocidal hatred to spread, resulting in actual real life mass murder, but let's give them a chance to see how they do with their new platform."

No wonder marketers rebrand things, apparently rebranding washes away even the worst crimes 🤮


This is the wrong week for showing up out of the blue in projects with low maintenance effort and telling people what to do with the project.

Alyssa Rosenzweig, who spearheaded the reverse-engineering of Apples GPU will keynote this years LibrePlanet conference! libreplanet.org/2024

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