@rysiek @qbi @emacsomancer want to see who wrote and maintains OMI?

tmpdir=$(mktemp -d); git clone github.com/microsoft/omi.git "$tmpdir" && git -C "$tmpdir" shortlog -sne --all | awk '{domain=$NF; sub(/>$/,"",domain); sub(/^[^@]*@/,"",domain); sub(/\\.*/,"",domain); sub(/^</,"",domain); count[domain]+=$1}; END{for (domain in count) printf("%d\t%s\n", count[domain], domain)}' | sort -nk 1

"FLOSS in the supply chain is a risk" is corrosively disingenuous.

Sinceramente dava-nos jeito ter mais mãos a ajudar, porque torna-se impossível acompanhar a catadupa de disparates legislativos que saem dos órgãos de soberania. Caros lurkers, é tempo de dar o passo, porque isto não vai num bom caminho ;)

@bart @nitrokey I can only second what Bart wrote: Please make #mainline support a priority.

@nitrokey Hey NitroKey, as a #postmarketOS dev this honestly gets me a bit worried. I've seen several companies jumping on the "Linux on mobile" bandwagon without realizing what makes the PinePhone and Librem 5 so great: mainline Linux kernel support.

Please make sure that if you make a Linux-based phone, it'll either ship with mainline support or has at least work going to it to make that happen in the future!

Bike trailer my housemate designed and welded within a week! It's aluminium square-section.

Phorge is a community fork of the no-longer-maintained Phabricator.

I think all these ph-names are phucking silly. 😜



Lots of work on MMS support on chatty! Thanks to Kyle Evans (fuzzy7k), there is now inline support for single image attachments!

Take a look at the work here:


If you’re writing a bash script, you should probably be using the Community Bash Style Guide (github.com/azet/community_bash).

Also, look through the slides for Beautiful Bash: Let's make reading and writing bash scripts fun again! (slideshare.net/a_z_e_t/inprese)


Making a call from the app on the (and yes audio worked ;) ). This is still a development version of gnome-calls. And work still needs to be done to make it more user friendly and integrated with other components. But hey it is progress :D
Credits go out to: @devrtz that has been working to add on gnome-calls. Also the account on the phone is an jmp.chat account, shoutout to them as jmp.chat is an awesome service :D

Did some playing with the GPS. I want to build something that can record where I’ve been. I did an Android version of this but I’m excited to rebuild it w/o Google & w/free software.

Grabbed raw nmea data with
sudo cat /dev/gnss0 > output.nmea
Used gpsBabel (not on the L5) to convert to gpx
gpsbabel -i nmea -f output.nmea -o gpx -F output.gpx
I then imported that into QGis

The spaghetti-looking area was me shoveling my driveway. Then I took a stroll around the block

‘tis a start😃

Was also able to use the GPS to record the ride back home and convert the data to a *.gpx file to open in GNOME maps.

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Important milestone in the house building project. We finally have the doors in and preparing for properly closing up the house.
spruitje wrote the following post Sat, 24 Jul 2021 10:46:24 +0200

The doors are in!

Finally. Thursday was a fun, sunny and warm day. With help of two friends we have managed to put all five doors in. We are very proud of our preparation work as it allowed for relatively easy install (remember the more accurate and detailed the preparation, even if it takes long time, will pay off when doing the final touch).
Now that the doors are in, we can start working on preparation for floor heating and final layer of the floor. Deadline for this is 26th August so plenty of time but also quite some things to do. Additionally we still need to put the glass in the doors which is quite easy task and put a sealant between the glass and doors to waterproof and airtight the whole thing. @muppeth seems to be enjoying that part a lot and the results so far, after watching ton of instructional videos are surprisingly awesome, so he will happily do that while listening to some podcasts

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