workspace_swipe_touch was just merged into ; I would say this is almost a competitive interface, but still not a perfect drop-in for sway.

I've been working on porting to the ( controller), and it works alright on both hardware revisions. I've finally created a PR for this upstream, so if you want a colorful hexagonal , maybe this is for you!

Released the firmware for the Controller on sourcehut (with automatic builds)
This is a real product (you can buy) that is mostly for playing music (but may some day be a )

Accidentally left a mess of Legos on my bed and need it to sleep. Too much fun with and my Lego-Sieve (sieve plate designed in )

My brother told me about the organizers (by internet personality Zack Freedman). Turns out it fits this little toolbox I had lying around. Doing some designs.

@PINE64 Other (I think ordinary) wear and tear from infrequent opening would be the clip closest to the dip switches starting to wear both frame-side and back plate side. So maybe a third thumbnail slot in that corner as well... at that point might as well put one in each corner.

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Anyone else crack their back plate like this?
Maybe this is from dropping it and/or opening it too much.
I think the design could be fixed if @PINE64 made a backplate that had thumbnail slots on both sides.

Checking out a cool open source project, I notice the author's email domain is unfamiliar.

...2 minutes later "I should learn Russian"

Posted an update on gemini, featuring and other such developments.


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Preparing another patch for the swipe-typing keyboard ( on on the )

Any thoughts on the color choice? @postmarketOS

New build: a plugin for my keyboard-case to hold a (or any smartphone).

I would say it works well, but TBH it needs a counterweight to be a usable lap-top device.

anyone have an idea how could be modified to fade out the currently running app, so we could see our wallpaper?

background setting gave performance issues, so I'm thinking this approach will be better.
So far, I have


in gtk.css

I configured to use emojis for the clock time stamp. In related news: does anybody know how I can go about contributing my code change upstream to ’s stdlib?


Chronicle of my amateur font-making experience. (1300 words).

Look mom, I'm famous!

Today, I calculated the meter of each 'letter' of using
The word "blessed" is counted as one syllable, but we can make it split it into two.

I'm currently wearing my 'root shell shirt': a button-up shirt that has `#` all around it, but I was thinking... wouldn't it be cool to have an `ls /` shirt instead?

Does anybody know of any businesses that could make this happen? And if there was one, would anyone want to bulk order?

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