@zachdecook @proycon this is awesome, wasn't expecting it for quite a while

@wisemonkey (that awkward moment when I've been using it for close to two months now). Really the visual feedback is a huge help for usability. Still working out a few tweaks/bugs here and there.

I heard there were issues getting #SXMO working on UK #Pinephones - is this correct and it only really works on American versions?

@dheadshot @proycon hmm, maybe you're referring to todo.sr.ht/~mil/sxmo-tickets/2 an issue with phone number handling that was fixed in the last few months.

@dheadshot @zachdecook I don't think there's any such difference as a UK/US version. At most you might experience an issue with a specific carrier (I don't know of any though) but that's would not be a sxmo problem.

@Jonius Well, 's runs on mir (a compositor), which as of v2.5 should support the virtual keyboard protocol extension. So, you would need to enable that for wvkbd, then find some way to open (and close) the keyboard.

@zachdecook sounds like this might be doable after the shift to a Ubuntu 20.04 base.

@zachdecook @proycon wow! I love the sxmo keyboard, I wish I could use it with any mobile UI.

@craftyguy @proycon would be the most plausible secondary platform (wvkbd already shares a lot in common with , and phosh has a 'keyboard open' button (which does dbus things?))
An interested party could probably implement that interface to launch and kill wvkbd instead.

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