workspace_swipe_touch was just merged into ; I would say this is almost a competitive interface, but still not a perfect drop-in for sway.

(I'm really hoping to get people who like compiling compositors on their phones interested, that way they can fix the bugs and I won't have to!)

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@zachdecook gentle reminder that the hyprland community is not a safe space for marginalized folks to participate in

@drewdevault @zachdecook Can you elaborate? Do they have outright nazis running the place or welcome in it, or issues that are actionable like leadership not understanding how things they're doing are hostile/unsafe?

@dalias @zachdecook and fwiw I have a lot more private evidence that I have not disclosed; if you trust my word on the matter then take it as given that it's a fair bit worse than this blog post actually discloses

@drewdevault @zachdecook It sounds plenty clear from the blog post that this is a project run by channer asshats... 🤡

@drewdevault @dalias
I don't use [proprietary] Discord, though Vaxry claims that since Drew's contact "We managed to improve the situation drastically, and are now striving, more successfully than ever, to maintain an actually inclusive community revolving around Hyprland." (of course, I haven't seen that private evidence-- trust whoever, or no one)

@zachdecook @dalias note that this blog post is not "how we fixed these problems in our community" but rather "why pointing out the problems in our community is killing FOSS"

@drewdevault @zachdecook @dalias I love how the blog post stems from someone posting a screenshot of him saying his community is more inclusive than queer spaces by virtue of allowing Nazis to be present and that not doing so is "far-left". Especially when considering recent political climates, it's hard to take this guy seriously.

@zachdecook @drewdevault @dalias

Please don't listen to Drew exclusively. There's multiple sides to the story... As someone in the community, I can say generally we are all kind and good-spirited people. Lumping us together with a few bad actors is something I would discourage.
All in all, we should really avoid these pointless conflicts and namecalling!

@luyu @zachdecook @drewdevault Is his blog post factually incorrect? Everything described there is giant red flags. Is leadership taking harassment and transphobia/other nazi shit seriously and giving anyone who does it the boot, or acting like it's nbd?

@dalias @zachdecook @drewdevault
A飞,sorry forgot to respond.
I would say definetly not. No one's promoting trans-hate or any distateful things, and the moderators are active in taking care of incidents.
Of course I'd recommend checking out the server instead of taking Drew's or my word for it.

@luyu @dalias @zachdecook fact of the matter is that the leadership and those responsible for setting good conduct standards are the same people and they are unrepentant and continually complain about being called out for bigoted and abusive behavior. QED.

@drewdevault @dalias @zachdecook

Excuse me?

There has been a lot of change to prevent further incidents like the one you mentioned by said people in power.

I'd encourage you to perhaps think a bit about what you're trying to achieve by grouping up a community, a lot of who are nice helpful and/or 'marginalized' people, as hateful or biggotted.

@drewdevault @dalias @zachdecook

I'll step out of this discussion now though, I really don't feel like arguing :)
Just please remember your words can hurt the nice and helpful people in the Hyprland community too Drew!

@luyu @drewdevault @zachdecook Oh wow I just read the first paragraph of the blog post that was supposedly evidence they've "improved" ( and fucking nope. It's completely self damning. 🤦

@luyu @drewdevault @zachdecook Like, to answer my own question - Is leadership taking harassment and transphobia/other nazi shit seriously and giving anyone who does it the boot, or acting like it's nbd? - clearly the answer is no because they'd have to kick themselves out. 🙃

@luyu @drewdevault @zachdecook In which he demonstrates very clearly that he is...? 🤦

@luyu @drewdevault @zachdecook Like, if you write something that stupid and you're not actually proud to be a nazi, what you do is delete it, apologize profusely, and commit to changing.

Not leave it around and write vague blog posts on how you're making rules about being "respectful" (because respectful nazis are so much better than loud ones?) to solve the problem (that you got caught running a nazi bar).

@zachdecook Why is like 15-20% of the screen wasted on borders? 🤦

@dalias It's an obvious downside: in order to grab the edge (without e.g. taking away your ability to grab the app's scrollbar), there has to be a portion of the screen considered the gaps...
At one point, I had a keybinding to toggle the size of the the gaps, but since dropping my monitor scale from 3 to 2.666, the wasted screen real estate hasn't bothered me: most video players have a fullscreen option.

@dalias Phone screens these days have gotten so big, I don't mind having deadspace; it makes it easier to reach stuff. (and since the phone has an OLED screen, I could theoretically set my wallpaper to black and just pretend it's got a smaller screen). But I like my wallpaper more than I like the apps.

@zachdecook If I'm paying the nuisance cost of having a giant device I damn well want to get use of it. Apple and even Google handled this right by only having swiping sideways between apps after pulling up from bottom center.

@zachdecook @dalias
Maybe leave only the bottom gap, so it will actually behave like on android with gesture navigation. Not sure what to do when keyboard is open though.

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