I configured to use emojis for the clock time stamp. In related news: does anybody know how I can go about contributing my code change upstream to ’s stdlib?


Fork it on GitHub, commit your stuff to a branch in your fork, create a PR.

1. Motivation: had recently experimented with using a emoji clock in shell prompt
2. aerc documentation pointed to go's time.Time.Format
3. go's documentation pointed to a file called src/time/format.go
4. `sudo find / -path '*time/format.go'`
5. copied file, bind-mounted copy over original
6. Made code change (as seen in github PR #45394), compiled aerc to test

@lgehr step 5 was notably the most difficult, as there were a number of things I tried, but they didn't work (regarding creating and importing packages). Don't take these instructions as indicative of standard practice among go developers, I have no clue what other devs do to change go stdlib. So, this is what worked for me.

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