Element is hiring Backend Engineers 🚀

If you:
- are experienced with #Python OR #NodeJS
- know your way with #SQL
- know what a REST API is
- want to work on an open source project (#Synapse and/or bridges)

You can either DM me or apply directly on apply.workable.com/elementio/j

If you are not sure if you would be a great fit or what would be expected from you, drop me a message and we'll figure it out :)

🔄 Boosts very appreciated, we need you!

@zudn rough... I used to use offlineimap (downloadable from brew and if I recall fairly easy to configure), though I think now might be a little late for you.

I've been working mostly on for the last month. Read my at gemini://gemini.zachdecook.com/capsule/2021-10-22-status.gmi

uspol, foss, agplv3 license violation 

@RazorsKiss How old are they? I remember when I took driver's training, the instructor said "Yes, your parents have the right to take away your driver's license as long as you live in their house." (Though I'm not sure if that's legal advice).

@craftyguy @martijnbraam @calebccff
Dear hardware designers/manufacturers,

Please stop taking bezels away from us.

Sincerely not-yours,


@zudn Thought about it for a website I help maintain. Didn't end up doing it because
1. Uncertainty about future support by necessary extensions
2. The new block-based editor can actually be useful

@jameskupke Have you run `dnf install kde-connect`

It should install kdeconnect 20.04.1 on fedora 32 (the flatpak doesn't come with this).
I think it will also install the indicator, so the flatpak isn't really needed..?

@jameskupke What distro are you using? On manjaro, I've got sway 1.6.1 from community and kdeconnect 21.08.1 from extra, and it works fine with an 'exec kdeconnect-indicator &' in my sway config.

@mart Yeah, though a few differences. The one pictured is actually a contra (a more DIY knockoff), rewired and controlled by a teensy++2.0 (found it half-broken on eBay).
The OLKB is rev4 PCB.

Minor layout differences are due to memory constraints: This one has a key to type the preamble to the US Declaration of Independence, and the one can play audio through the speaker.

@mart I have two. The other one (which has a smaller 3d-printed case), I'll carry with me, but this one is mostly for around the home.

Does anybody know a good way to make screenrecording gifs on ? Kind of want to show off some stuff I've setup in .

@PINE64 legit sat here for 30 seconds before realizing it was a 10 second loop.

Created a account today. So that, plus a recent log-in to (not to purchase anything), makes me an active member of the . 😐😶🟡

@linmob The nice thing about / compared to phosh is that you can actually customize it pretty easily with hooks in your home directory.


This makes the power button behave as expected, unless the menu is open.

@linmob Do you have any / for dummies advice? E.g. like when you turn the screen off, how do you turn it back on?

The unsubscribe link (and reply email address) is hidden in the html portion of the email.

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is now sending me marketing emails with no List-Unsubscribe header😡 The email appears to contain a pixel🤦‍♀️ It's from a no-reply address🤷‍♀️ (otherwise I might be complaining directly to them)

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