@loveisgrief @linmob I was gonna ask the same thing, but my order is only (almost) three years old.

@anjan Change some things to refere to php8; a couple hours. See gitlab.alpinelinux.org/alpine/
It took a few days before the fixes got to the rest of alpine users.
Moral of the story: Don't upgrade your alpine installs on week 1 (unless you like debugging and contributing back).

i run nextcloud on alpine. only needs attention every 6 months.
last time it broke due to a big php update. expecting a better t this go around.

Accidentally left a mess of Legos on my bed and need it to sleep. Too much fun with and my Lego-Sieve (sieve plate designed in )


@hamblingreen do you use a keyboard shortcut, gesture, or the switch menu to use it?

My brother told me about the organizers (by internet personality Zack Freedman). Turns out it fits this little toolbox I had lying around. Doing some designs.

Please do theme our apps 

Please do theme our apps 

@alderwick Not that I know of. (of course that doesn't make it anonymous for the server operators)

@anarchistbicycleclub I mean it would take 2 days instead of 4 hours... but touché.

@anarchistbicycleclub Cars also take away space from us by compression. The world is a much smaller place because automobile transportation. What could be just a weekend trip to visit out-of-state family is impossible by train or bicycle.

@zachdecook Thank you for your feedback, this is the future plan!

@lupyuen "replacing a cracked screen costs more than just getting a new phone"
hits a little too close to home for me this week...

@purism The right to change providers... seems rough: while I *can* migrate my librem social account with mastodon's feature, if I want to migrate my librem email address, I won't be able to.

The issue is, of course, that I don't own the librem.one domain. If they had offered the feature, I would have preferred to use my own domain for my email (so I could move providers), but that's not something purism has offered yet.

Anyone interested in the multiplayer FPS game I'm making - we've got a new domain and a simple website now! Thanks to @siina for her awesome work on that!


#Liblast #GameDev #indiegame #GodotEngine #Godot


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