@pocketvj but that's probably the opposite of what you're looking for.

@pocketvj whisper.cpp does any language audio to english text. (I've never tried it, but it's great on english transcription)


@pocketvj What's the thinking behind that? Women are more comfortable sitting next to a strange man than men are sitting next to a strange women? Or is it that seat pairs must share a gender, and it just so happens that the empty seats are next to seats men are sitting in?

@drewdevault (but if someone wants to embrace the 'viral CoC' position, I think they need address Vaxry's "cuts both ways" argument)

Thanks for linking the original sources.
I disagree with your take: "stating that if this sort of behavior was seen in the FDO community that it would result in enforcement action"

Lyude's email does seem to suggest "If this [hyprland discord behavior] comes up
again in the future, we will have to consider further action".

It would be more intellectually honest to say that CoC's can be viral and enforced outside of their community.

@johntrain I did see that verse the other week and think twice about it. I imagine an argument could go that jesus bound the devil at the cross (the thousand years), but now (the short time) the devil is deceiving the nations.
I can't reconcile it with Rev 20 for a number of reasons. (e.g. why is the thousand years actually a day and the short time 2000+ years)
(the only other argument I've heard is that the devil is 'partially bound', which I find less than satisfying).

@johntrain Covenantal because Jeremiah 31:33 and Romans 9:6.
premillenial because Revelation 20 and 1 Peter 5:8 (the devil is not bound, and I can't point to a thousand year period where he was)

From editing waveforms, to simply editing text files. #Radio #journalism is changing! I've tested and tried a workflow that uses #Whisper for automatic transcriptions and #Vim for editing that is very promising and a bit...okay, very nerdy. Here's why it matters, how it works and what is still lacking:


#Audacity #Tenacity #Linux @zachdecook

so cool to have offline speech recognition on #linuxmobile thanks to ideasman42 github repo.
next step is to create #sxmo gestures or even better a microphone key on the virtual keyboard to enable/disable spokenlanguage input.

@zachdecook Okay, this is awesome. It just took me only 30 minutes to do a rough edit of an almost 2h interview, which is now also 30 minutes shorter! I'll play around a bit more, and then I'll see if I can do a write-up from a radio journalists perspective on what works well, and where the rough edges are.

@dalias Phone screens these days have gotten so big, I don't mind having deadspace; it makes it easier to reach stuff. (and since the phone has an OLED screen, I could theoretically set my wallpaper to black and just pretend it's got a smaller screen). But I like my wallpaper more than I like the apps.

@dalias It's an obvious downside: in order to grab the edge (without e.g. taking away your ability to grab the app's scrollbar), there has to be a portion of the screen considered the gaps...
At one point, I had a keybinding to toggle the size of the the gaps, but since dropping my monitor scale from 3 to 2.666, the wasted screen real estate hasn't bothered me: most video players have a fullscreen option.

(I'm really hoping to get people who like compiling compositors on their phones interested, that way they can fix the bugs and I won't have to!)

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@drewdevault @dalias
I don't use [proprietary] Discord, though Vaxry claims that since Drew's contact "We managed to improve the situation drastically, and are now striving, more successfully than ever, to maintain an actually inclusive community revolving around Hyprland."
blog.vaxry.net/articles/2023-i (of course, I haven't seen that private evidence-- trust whoever, or no one)

workspace_swipe_touch was just merged into ; I would say this is almost a competitive interface, but still not a perfect drop-in for sway.

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