@jameschip break something, GDP go up. fix something, GDP go down. Low-maintenance infrastructure is a threat to the economy.

@mntmn I would prefer a hardware cover (a plastic flap you move to cover/uncover the camera). So when you can't see it, it can't see you.

@cassidy appstream:// links are cool, but even better is a repology.org badge, so users can know whether it's available in their distro, and whether their distro has an outdated version. All the ISV has to do is 1. Release their software under an open source license. 2. Package their software for one distribution.

You can easily target every Linux distribution with no extra work because people will step up to patch your software to run on their system.

@tilvids @thelinuxEXP
Creators: stop treating YouTube as first class and others as backups.
Viewers: stop watching YouTube (literally your life will be better)
Developers: stop making youtube-dl frontends. Make peertube clients that do the p2p thing so we all share the load.

@tilvids @thelinuxEXP Here's a "controversial" take: Google is not the bad actor here. Video streaming is expensive, and they use ads to subsidize this. An IP address which downloads lots of videos (and watches zero ads) is a tax on their resources. Shoe on the other foot: if Google were ddosing peertube servers, you would be justified in blocking their IPs too!

@mntmn Is @jackhumbert from going to be able to make an ortholinear keyboard mod for this? Also when can we preorder?

@weirdwriter tsv_edl
is an amazing caption editing system that also outputs video

Basically you convert your video into text, then edit the text to create breakpoints (and fix typos), and you can output the roughcut srt and video files

@publiclewdness I bought a (likely refurbished) OnePlus 6, and it has great [unsuspended] battery life on mainline(with only 3300 maH). Just because the battery's not user-replacable doesn't make it a throwaway.

But the 5000maH battery for Furi FLX1 makes me wonder if this device will ship with graphics hacks leading to inefficient use of power, hence the need for a larger battery... (Librem 5's 4500maH low unsuspended life is usually attributed to having separate modem and wifi cards).

@publiclewdness @bart postmarketOS doesn't yet support the camera on the shift6mq (or oneplus 6).
While droidian's hacks are ugly, and mainline does things in a cleaner more sustainable way, this missing feature is the reason I carry two phones instead of just one.

@DMakarios The drying rack is on the left side, so right to left makes sense here.

@martijnbraam You're 'supposed to' have a machine with unlimited ram, then rsync the node_modules to your server/low-ram device.

@pocketvj but that's probably the opposite of what you're looking for.

@pocketvj whisper.cpp does any language audio to english text. (I've never tried it, but it's great on english transcription)


@drewdevault (but if someone wants to embrace the 'viral CoC' position, I think they need address Vaxry's "cuts both ways" argument)

Thanks for linking the original sources.
I disagree with your take: "stating that if this sort of behavior was seen in the FDO community that it would result in enforcement action"

Lyude's email does seem to suggest "If this [hyprland discord behavior] comes up
again in the future, we will have to consider further action".

It would be more intellectually honest to say that CoC's can be viral and enforced outside of their community.

@johntrain I did see that verse the other week and think twice about it. I imagine an argument could go that jesus bound the devil at the cross (the thousand years), but now (the short time) the devil is deceiving the nations.
I can't reconcile it with Rev 20 for a number of reasons. (e.g. why is the thousand years actually a day and the short time 2000+ years)
(the only other argument I've heard is that the devil is 'partially bound', which I find less than satisfying).

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