#uxn tutorial day 2 is now ready for you to enjoy drawing your first pixels and sprites in the uxn screen! :tealheart:




@friend @postmarketOS ooh we *still* don't have a dang screenshot bind out of the box... Don't worry the key bind I used here is *only* for the proof of concept, check out the WIP MR for more details: gitlab.com/postmarketOS/pmapor

@calebccff @postmarketOS
* edit text/write code with
* change my layout
* browse gemini:// with
* listen to podcasts with
* try to use the fediverse through
* ssh into servers... really, I like the squeekboard+kgx experience better than florisboard+termux/android

. @wholesomedonut wants to see technology as it is: "a miraculous, marvelous invention whose original intents have long been uprooted by a society full of greed and indifference"
I hope you're able to get free from the vitriol and set your mind on higher things. (Unfollowing negative accounts helps, but maybe taking a break from the fediverse would be best).

starting to try to compile on a raspberry pi zero... it's armhf, so if the problem (running it on the pinephone) is architecture based, this will likely also fail.

@ChiaChatter I use links. It has a graphical version (links -g) which has a similar interface but can display pictures and different sized fonts (though few distributions package the graphical version).

Which got me thinking more about :
If I were to make a gem-app, what feature options would be desired?
Would any of the following be useful, and how should they look in ?
* notes (currently in square brackets)
* cross-references (currently in parentheses)
* word references (I experimented once with putting Strong's references in superscript)
* red-lettering (ideologically, I disagree with this)
* section titles
* chapter divisions
* verse numbers

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Wrote a little script to create an outline of the gemini://gemini.zachdecook.com/cgi-bin/oebindex.sh so you can navigate the bible without thinking about the verse and chapter numbers.

Create your own programming languages, stay ahead of the AI.

@pocketvj @linmob @Saroufim (notably, this is compilation with cmake and make... the phone crashes when I try to compile with ninja)

@pocketvj @linmob @Saroufim I have 3 times so far (with different versions of the code). It successfully compiles (after > 10 hours), but always segfaults after the license prompt.

@josias The huge draw of the fediverse is the in-order timelines (I used to like instagram > 5 years ago), and, of course, the interactivity (I still use an RSS reader, but rarely comment on blogs b/c of JS reqs like CAPTCHA). Microblogging here makes it easy to comment, share projects that I do or like with others who share that interest.

What I don't like about mastodon is the public nature (not that you can't do privacy on the fedi, but it's not well suited to that).

Thinking of how much we use social media and why, I was wondering:

What is the primary reason you participate in the Fediverse?

#poll #AskFediverse

Was reading by @linmob and feeling kind of left out, running 21.03, so I upgraded to master/edge. It broke phosh startup, but was fairly easy to fix by (plugging in a keyboard and) removing some unused packages and running `apk fix`.

@ChiaChatter I can't visit your site anymore because your 'Antispam by CleanTalk' plugin falsely has marked my IP address (dig a funk.zachdecook.com) as spam.

@linmob @pocketvj @Saroufim The big difference between the linux (desktop) version and the android version is that it uses a side-bar instead of a bottom bar. There are also some UI elements which are clunkier than their android counterparts. And routing seems to be either broken or unusable (this was built from git tag 2021-06-20)

@pocketvj @linmob @Saroufim I've successfully compiled it on my laptop (x86_64 manjaro), so it's probably either an /#postmarketos problem, or an one.

Has anyone tried compiling on ?

thought i would compare mastodon clients for mobile linux.
Compiled and set up . is still compiling dependencies. One of these is written in , can you guess which one? (this experience makes me want to learn )

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