@mntmn @soulsource aerc has a setting for mouse support... but it doesn't work perfect (just click, no clixk and drag)

@dusnm @drewdevault Maybe he's waiting to see how long it take for someone to look up the game en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chubby and notice how this is english wikipedia's canonical image for that topic.

@BWPanda How would a privacy-friendly bluetooth beacon even work?

I've been working on porting to the ( controller), and it works alright on both hardware revisions. I've finally created a PR for this upstream, so if you want a colorful hexagonal , maybe this is for you! github.com/qmk/qmk_firmware/pu

@matt @sonny I really miss the ubuntu unity feature of 'press alt to search program menu options'. Useful in Audacity (a complex program). Select audio segment, press alt, type 'fade out' press enter. (much easier than remembering keyboard shortcuts)
Is there any effort being done anywhere to bring back this 'server-side menu' functionality? (I've heard that gnome is against 'server-side decorations')

failing at dbus/portals 

failing at dbus/portals 

Update for my #Phosh overlay hacks, in the end I decided to go with gestures using lisgd gesture daemon from #SXMO

⬅️ Emulate Escape/Alt+F4
⬆️ Rofi with drun/window/web search modes
↔️ Switch windows back and forth
↗️ ↖️ Custom quick menu/Keyboard layout change

The phone is running #Droidian, mobile #Linux distro, you can check out supported devices here - droidian.org/ (even camera and fingerprint scanner works on most!)

#LinuxOnMobile #MobileLinux

If anyone is in interested, I uploaded everything there - github.com/vacuumbeef/phosh-ov

I'm sure it wasn't done in the best way, and it is not very comfortable to share, but I felt it was worth doing anyway

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@vacuumbeef That's cool!
You could probably use that to open a sxmo_appmenu.sh for app-specific actions (though currently sxmo's window detection scripts are based on swaymsg, not generic to wlroots).

I would be interested in this to place a button over the keyboard button (which is a steaming pile of dbus), so I could just script that instead of working with it.

@piegames Hmm... well I'm not a rust person, and verovio (C++) uses SWIG to generate its interfaces (and swig doesn't support rust, from what I've seen), so I feel like the three (me, verovio, and dinoscore) wouldn't be the best match. Maybe someone else would be better to make it happen.

@GTK But I can't figure out a layout issue where I want an image with an arbitrary height to fill the window's width but have a vertical scrollbar, so it does not bring much joy.

@GTK I guess SheMuVi -- a sheetmusic viewer for files git.sr.ht/~earboxer/shemuvi (powered by by ) (basically a MVP right now)

Detailed and credible looking report of #LawfulInterception #MitM on an #xmpp server hosted at #Hetzner in Germany: notes.valdikss.org.ru/jabber.r

Looks like a transparent bridge was deployed in front of the actual server, obtained dedicated certificates from #LetsEncrypt and MitMed all incoming client connections since July. It was discovered because the LE certificate expired 🤦

@jameschip When git added that warning during the 'master' branch controversy, they invited us all to set our own creative global default.

@whynothugo Raising your wage as a plumber generally involves going independent (which is a much smaller capital investment than say, creating your own factory)

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