@ministerofimpediments @popey
My wife clued me in to her family secret recipe: add Cold Stone coffee creamer to the eggs before scrambling. Don't add too much, or your eggs will taste like icecream!

@to3k You may find secrets (aka gnome-passwordsafe) to be a suitable keypassxc replacement (they aren't making their app adaptive) gitlab.gnome.org/World/secrets

@nixCraft I remember my first install attempt. Fresh off of Ubuntu, I heard it was a big deal. Got an ISO, launched it and... terminal... with no network connection. I wish someone had told me there was an that I should have open on another machine that already has a web browser and internet connection.

I wonder if anyone has thought about shipping the wiki on install ISO's...

@stripey try an device (or just switch off the modem?) and you might conclude that the real issue is needing to power both processor and separate modem.

@dabeaz DRY, "software development is 80% maintenance", and suckless.

The more code I delete, the better the world will be.

@tdarb I clone all the time on mobile. Do you not use your mobile-device as a development machine?

@jameschip @liaizon Umm, like doing business with police is a different issue than scanning messages client-side, which is effectively a back door into all encrypted communication. I really fail to see "Discord > Matrix" in your hot take.
(now there are other reasons to avoid Matrix, like their effective metadata monopoly, but all of those problems also affect Discord)

@yojimbo @eamon You could write a semantic parser and custom diff script for that. (I'll be honest, though, I usually neglect editing my `README`s in general, and diff-so-fancy is good enough for me)

@feudjais @postmarketOS @calebccff I mostly use my for browsing, hacking, podcasts, and XMPP calls and texting via .chat.

(The only things I use a different phone for are taking pictures and navigation)

the april blog post is out, ditching duckduckgo for mojeek. i've loved using this search engine for a few months now, and wanted to write about why i opted to use it in place of duckduckgo. hamblingreen.com/

@popey which inspired me to write the patch for "mimic1" (flite) to enable pitch selection via ssml tags.

@popey Why would anyone use the mac app store when `brew cask install $appname` is still the easiest way to get apps. (and brew has no GPLv3 bans)

@dimitrisk Personally, I'm more committed to XMPP, but if someone wanted to manage this project, it should be pretty easy: a library exists (github.com/signalapp/libsignal). I'd be happy to give guidance and help test or code.

@dimitrisk ( @silence is an app for encrypting SMS's, so the wake up would be handled by the modem, which would work fine on a PinePhone)

@dimitrisk you should port silence.im to Linux Mobile. Could even run it in SXMO in sxmo_hook_tailtextlog.sh so the messages would be encrypted-at-rest.

@agx @dperson phosh crashes "Oh no!" when I `killall squeekboard && _build/run --replace` in Byzantium 🙁

@agx and today keeps getting better! My arrived so I'm going to be playing with a lot more. Happy to support a healthy software-keyboard ecosystem!

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