Added the option to see each 1-bit channels per line, and the assembled 4-colors result.

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Look mom, I'm famous!

Added some features I liked from Acme, right-click to find the next instance for a word.

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When I start using a new program, usually I spend some time changing the keyboard shortcuts to what I'm used to. This sometimes involves learning a new configuration file format. In the case of ~rabbits/left, it was very easy, as the 'configuration' is just a couple of functions in the c source code.

Though `git remote add akkartik; git remote add zach` is still decentralized, has fewer context switches, cuts out email *and* code review. The only issue is scaling for many contributors :P

Yeah, it feels better than any terminal based text editor. Big props to SDL. Though, since I'm using a trackpad, not sure if it will be as good using a mouse scrollwheel.

Something wrong with your current git state?
(Maybe try `git rebase --abort` first or `git stash`? Otherwise, the file in the .git directory maybe could just be removed).

e.g. after I added scroll wheel support (, I've been able to use left for general purpose editing, rather than another editor.

When did you start using left to edit left.c?
Has it fully replaced your primary editor, at least for editing left?

At what point (commit hash?) did it get to where new commits are written in it?

Wait, you guys have fancy schpancy chr editors?
I've just been using txt2chr (, plus my new favorite text editor:

Are full-color (four color) chr fonts a planned feature, or is that something I'll have to maintain in my own fork?

@cwbuckm @neauoire
I've translated the first 50 lines from ocr output into readable C code.
Maybe somebody wants to do the next 50 lines?

It's almost all there in the gif! And it's already open source... We just need to reconstruct like 200 lines...

Micro doesn't implement text rendering, but depends on your terminal emulator to do that.

Recently added support for SVG chord symbols on my chordbook gemsite.
As it turns out, many gui clients (deedum, lagrange, amfora) have atrocious svg support

Probably will look into it for lagrange in the future.

Today, I calculated the meter of each 'letter' of using
The word "blessed" is counted as one syllable, but we can make it split it into two.
By now, most websites are 'mobile friendly', but don't look good on 200Γ—200px displays, such as smartwatches. We need to design for the least common denominator, after all.

Hi! My name is Manuel. I struggle since forever to become the person that I actually am, and to finally throw out that full-time autopilot that’s just killing time by watching youtube videos and fantasizing about doing stuff I never end up doing.
I don’t think there’s a better place for me to achieve this mission than, which made me move here.

Sometimes I manage to create something, but the struggle is far from over. I am happy to have you along for the ride! :)


PHP8 is a thing

Own up who let the PHP team see Rust and TypeScript? You know what they are like

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