Anyone else crack their back plate like this?
Maybe this is from dropping it and/or opening it too much.
I think the design could be fixed if @PINE64 made a backplate that had thumbnail slots on both sides.

@PINE64 Other (I think ordinary) wear and tear from infrequent opening would be the clip closest to the dip switches starting to wear both frame-side and back plate side. So maybe a third thumbnail slot in that corner as well... at that point might as well put one in each corner.

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@zachdecook @PINE64 In my case (ho ho), it broke immediately on the right back side when I tried to use the corner slot to open it, so now I'm just inserting all my nails at the same time on the left side when I want to open it.
The case is definitely very low quality, but given the price of the phone, I'm not sure one can hope for much better...
That being said, larger slots, not in a corner may be an improvement


I have a bigger crack than that on my Braveheart backplate but my CE is just fine.

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