Have been experimenting this last week with serving different bible translations over gemini. All scripts in gemini://gemini.zachdecook.com/cgi-bin/

esv.sh - great formatting, but rate limited by upstream
net.sh - no paragraph or section breaks, but haven't been rate-limited yet
oeb.sh - reasonable formatting, missing most bible books, self-hosted
lsv.py - minimal formatting, no section breaks, self-hosted

Gemlog request 

Me: “Do you like computers?”

Child: “no.”

Our child is so wise already!


Chronicle of my amateur font-making experience. (1300 words).

If I ever meet the person who came up with the feature of text editors where it puts a closing bracket or quote mark in for you when you are typing I will challenge them to a duel.

Pocket Paint is the only painting/image manipulation android app I recommend.
I especially love layers, and how the bucket fill uses transparent colors.
The only feature which is lacking is semi-transparent image masking.

My Dad told me years ago that, if you think about it, everyone you know is like one of the characters from Winnie the Pooh.

My wife and my Dad always say I am like pooh, but I feel like an Eeyore.

My wife is absolutely a Rabbit.

How about you?

The dollar is suddenly worth 0, all the stores are boarded up.

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Added the option to see each 1-bit channels per line, and the assembled 4-colors result.

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Look mom, I'm famous!

Added some features I liked from Acme, right-click to find the next instance for a word.

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When I start using a new program, usually I spend some time changing the keyboard shortcuts to what I'm used to. This sometimes involves learning a new configuration file format. In the case of ~rabbits/left, it was very easy, as the 'configuration' is just a couple of functions in the c source code.

Recently added support for SVG chord symbols on my chordbook gemsite.
As it turns out, many gui clients (deedum, lagrange, amfora) have atrocious svg support

Probably will look into it for lagrange in the future.

Today, I calculated the meter of each 'letter' of using github.com/christian-classics-
The word "blessed" is counted as one syllable, but we can make it split it into two.

Hi! My name is Manuel. I struggle since forever to become the person that I actually am, and to finally throw out that full-time autopilot that’s just killing time by watching youtube videos and fantasizing about doing stuff I never end up doing.
I don’t think there’s a better place for me to achieve this mission than Merveilles.town, which made me move here.

Sometimes I manage to create something, but the struggle is far from over. I am happy to have you along for the ride! :)


PHP8 is a thing

Own up who let the PHP team see Rust and TypeScript? You know what they are like

Anybody interested in a user-friendly editable on ?

I've written the first two pages, please see

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