From editing waveforms, to simply editing text files. #Radio #journalism is changing! I've tested and tried a workflow that uses #Whisper for automatic transcriptions and #Vim for editing that is very promising and a bit...okay, very nerdy. Here's why it matters, how it works and what is still lacking:

#Audacity #Tenacity #Linux @zachdecook

so cool to have offline speech recognition on #linuxmobile thanks to ideasman42 github repo.
next step is to create #sxmo gestures or even better a microphone key on the virtual keyboard to enable/disable spokenlanguage input.

@zachdecook Okay, this is awesome. It just took me only 30 minutes to do a rough edit of an almost 2h interview, which is now also 30 minutes shorter! I'll play around a bit more, and then I'll see if I can do a write-up from a radio journalists perspective on what works well, and where the rough edges are.

(I'm really hoping to get people who like compiling compositors on their phones interested, that way they can fix the bugs and I won't have to!)

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workspace_swipe_touch was just merged into ; I would say this is almost a competitive interface, but still not a perfect drop-in for sway.

That "edit your podcast using Vim" program (recently mentioned on the podcast) now supports because I realized I have a project that this is a good fit for, and I write micro plugins . It's nice to have a lightweight audio/video editor that works in my favorite text editor.

What's a good slicer (for ) that's easy to install in stable (not edge)? (maybe I need to convince @anjan to move into community...)

"why use multiple files if everything ends up in the same memory anyway?!"

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I managed to prove the HW is working thanks to some things here

So I guess just the config is wrong for my oneplus 6.

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Audio on my daily driver running has had a major regression this week (maybe hardware problem?) and now I think I need to buy a different phone.

just an opinion; for folks trying promote their free software projects.

You don't need to trash talk other/previous free software projects that exist(ed) in the same area in order to promote your project.

Every now and then people wonder how to replace 's on screen keyboard and what interfaces are needed. Here's some notes on that:

@cas Thanks for all your work on the Oneplus 6! A while back I bought one second hand and I have been daily driving #postmarketos with #sxmo ever since. Compared to the pinephone, it's a much improved experience!

I've been working on porting to the ( controller), and it works alright on both hardware revisions. I've finally created a PR for this upstream, so if you want a colorful hexagonal , maybe this is for you!

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