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Years ago, I had this cheap $10 "gaming" mouse I bought maybe on ebay or dealextreme. It was perfect: shaped well, no weird, sticky texture. I lost it (maybe left at a friends house) and never saw it again. Tried to buy one online, but I think the model was discontinued. I'd like to get a good mouse for work: Does anyone have any mouse recommendations?

Introducing: Fund Your App

Vote for the mobile phone apps you desire to see working on the phone!

"Fund Your App is a great way to show how far we have come with the Librem 5 and PureOS, it also allows people to vote on what is our app development priority."

@alcinnz @zachdecook @neauoire
Digital Ocean is overpriced anyways

I usually shop small providers near cities with an exchange:

I've had good luck with low end dedicated servers in second tier cities and completely avoided problems I've seen others have with larger providers - like custom kernels that don't behave well with container managing software (OVH), or provider's network bot interprets the traffic spike from your weekend game as a DDOS attack and drops all traffic to your servers until Monday (Hetzner)

Nothing says "We love open source" quite like "join our Discord channel".

Also... (open source self-hosted Discord alternative) is sponsoring ...? That makes no sense.

How about instead of corporations clothing random idiots in their advertising in exchange for flooding FOSS maintainers with garbage, we provided strong mentorship to a new generation of engineers under the tutelage of maintainers whose sustainable careers are guaranteed by the direct financial support of those same corporations?

Single most frustrating thing of any code editor:

When you type an β€œ and it puts a closing one in that you don’t want. You then delete the one you put in to keep the extra and both vanish.

"Anyone who uses YAML long enough will eventually get burned when attempting to abbreviate Norway"

@sir Gods, yes! :D


The world would be a better place where, when someone encounters something confusing or which doesn't meet their preconceptions, they first tried to learn and understand it before rewriting a bunch of software and shoving all of their notions of correct into the domain

This one is kind of subtle so to be clear I'm talking about the influence of windows and mac on linux

Anbox on the Librem 5

"Anbox now runs on the Librem 5, getting you access to many additional free software apps that are packaged only for Android."

Today in The Bookseller - the UK's trade magazine for the bookselling industry - I published "Inaudible," in which I unpack my reason for foregoing hundreds of thousands of dollars by refusing to allow Audible to put DRM on my audiobooks.


I'm currently wearing my 'root shell shirt': a button-up shirt that has `#` all around it, but I was thinking... wouldn't it be cool to have an `ls /` shirt instead?

Does anybody know of any businesses that could make this happen? And if there was one, would anyone want to bulk order?

This graph shows what happens if you *backload* the hard problems, doing them last.

This means that for a larger amount of time, you have a HIGHER risk of your assumptions being invalidated, and you'll have MORE progress which is rolled back as a result of those assumptions being invalidated.

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Fun fact: if present-day US copyright law had been in force at the time that Disney's "Alice in Wonderland" was made, Lewis Carol's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" would not have entered the public domain for another 17 years

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Yay! I have officially made and published my first GNOME desktop application. πŸŽ‰οΈπŸŽ‰οΈπŸŽ‰οΈ

It is called "Short Circuit" , it is a developer scratch pad. If this description does not make sense (Most probably it does not) check out the repo's readme for a clear explanation of what it does

A GIF is more than thousand words

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