I will continue with something homegrown for users and individual tweets, but I'm thinking if I should add a dependency on nitter to fetch timelines 🤔

The lead dev has timelines working again already: github.com/zedeus/nitter/issue

While having everything built-in is neat, strategies to crawl are getting more complicated and it's starting to take a lot of time to re-implement things in C#

@vincent +1 to connect it to nitter.

I had the same dilemma for @podcastserver and in the end I used yt-dlp instead of reimplementing everything… it didn't worth it for end-users.

@vincent Agreed, I'd love to at least have a link to Nitter from the page, if not just have the web link for the post go directly to nitter

@vincent if you’re going to introduce a dependency, might as well leverage it for as much as you can? Let nitter do as much of the heavy lifting as possible.

I haven’t looked at nitter before, but looks like you can self-host it on your new k8s cluster. At that point you can claim bird uses a microservice architecture :)

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