And we are back*, baby!

* with the limitation on popular tweets for now

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So they are all green right now, and the fetching tweets part works from my computer and CI, but not from any of the servers... The approach of fetching tweets from the embeds doesn't seem to work....

FML, and back to the drawing board!

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Just hooked up to tracing software for the first time and it's really fascinating!

For exemple, this is an histogram of how fast Twitter answers queries for recent posts by an account.

Look how slow it is! There are a few speedy one at 50~ms, but most are >300ms, which would indicate that they are not cached.

I would have thought it was the other way around, most accounts cached a few that have posted recently that are not cached

New little feature on this weekend: the account page will now display the number of followers a user has, and also in which server that account is the most popular.

Hope this will help users find more niche servers that host the communities they want to be part of! Also if you are on a server like that bans and you want to move, this is now my recommended way to find a new home

πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸš’

Current state of the server:

With the profile functionality of, I made sure that replicated accounts would be displayed as bots. Unfortunately, my main iOS client @ivory and don’t display it at all, just the web does. I think displaying more prominently the bots status would really help the platform!

(Sorry for my French too) will now replicate retweets as boosts in a way that feels very native to the fediverse.

They chose to highlight writing LinkedIn posts with their new AI as one of the main use-case lol

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So I have made the switch on to native links for QT so that can display them as a QT. Weirdly they work as a link that stays within the app but they don't display the QT itself when the post come from

Still an improvement, but is there someone working on icecube that can help get it perfect?

So supports QT at the client level. If I tweak to add a native link instead of twitter I get QT support for basically free, but only in that client for now.


If you were a user of tweetbot and sad to see it go, you can replicate the same setup with @ivory (by the maker of tweetbot) + to follow any twitter user from mastodon.

The main bottleneck I have right now is fetching tweets, but not posting them, so if you follow the accounts that are the most popular, it won't slow down things at all πŸ‘‡

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