I'm getting a lot of question about what's currently working with bird.makeup, so here it is:

The system is mostly back online, but there are some major limitation when crawling new posts.

- To be forwarded, a post has to be in the top 100 of an account as measured by likes
- There are no retweets being forwarded right now


To fix the crawling, I'm going to need to start using Twitter accounts to fetch new posts. This is getting complicated for the time I can put on this as a side project, so I'm going to rely on Nitter implementing this, then I'm going to use that. You can track progress here: github.com/zedeus/nitter/issue

There is another thing I can fix natively in bird.makeup though. I noticed pinned tweets are there in user lookups. I can forward this, and the top 100 limitation doesn't apply to that.


@vincent maybe a way for us to provide our own accounts? i selfhost bird makeup and would like to use my accounts for the scrapings

@radu @vincent Yeah, what accounts are included in this? I keep trying to add my own, but none of them work. I get an error each time.

@vincent Very nice work! I think if/when threads federates there will be far less need for this...

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