I will continue with something homegrown for users and individual tweets, but I'm thinking if I should add a dependency on nitter to fetch timelines 馃

The lead dev has timelines working again already: github.com/zedeus/nitter/issue

While having everything built-in is neat, strategies to crawl are getting more complicated and it's starting to take a lot of time to re-implement things in C#

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So they are all green right now, and the fetching tweets part works from my computer and CI, but not from any of the servers... The approach of fetching tweets from the embeds doesn't seem to work....

FML, and back to the drawing board!

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And we are back*, baby!

* with the limitation on popular tweets for now

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And no retweets, but I did notice I can get pinned tweets though

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@vincent +1 to connect it to nitter.

I had the same dilemma for @podcastserver and in the end I used yt-dlp instead of reimplementing everything鈥 it didn't worth it for end-users.

@vincent Agreed, I'd love to at least have a link to Nitter from the page, if not just have the web link for the post go directly to nitter

@vincent if you鈥檙e going to introduce a dependency, might as well leverage it for as much as you can? Let nitter do as much of the heavy lifting as possible.

I haven鈥檛 looked at nitter before, but looks like you can self-host it on your new k8s cluster. At that point you can claim bird uses a microservice architecture :)

@vincent Have you reached out to @sportsbots.xyz seems to still be functioning fine? Also, I鈥檝e gotten a small handful of bird.makeup tweets in the last couple days randomly, so seems like you鈥檝e had it working at least a couple times.. thanks for your work on this, it is so much appreciated!

@kvenden @vincent
I too have seen a few bird.makep posts here and there. Thank you for your work on this.

@vincent I鈥檓 still getting the development mode error.

@vincent I still have yet to see a single one since then. Do we need to unfollow and refollow them? Or is it just going to take some time to catch up?

@kvenden @vincent FYI I鈥檓 only seeing a few tweets from some and none from others.

@kvenden @vincent

same here. just tried unfollowing and re following a bunch of accounts. we'll see.

4 posts from a person followed by 15 people via bird.makeup recently appeared in my feed. All 4 posts were 8-10 days old, and the person has definitely tweeted more recently than that.

I also follow other, presumably more popular people via bird.makeup, and no posts from them have appeared in my feed.

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