Proud to introduce my new activitypub project: . Do you wish to follow on mastodon some people that are still on the bird site? Now you can! You can even follow the muskrat if you want @elonmusk (but why would you?)

@elonmusk It is a fork of the very excellant @BirdsiteLIVE but using a non-rated limited undocumented twitter api, and with some tweaks to make in more natively integrated into activitypub. The plan is to make it the most scalable twitter bridge on the fediverse!

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I friended some accounts but it doesn't seem to be sending over the tweets. Is it a bug?
@elonmusk @BirdsiteLIVE

I guess that’s because the saturation gone over 100%

@vincent , why the site doesn’t show the saturation level?


Can also be used to follow news outlets such as the BBC, WaPo, or others with your Mastodon client.

A bridge from Twitter to Mastodon

@vincent good idea. You may know already but there is an instance with EU-related mirrors at

@vincent I tried to follow Twitter channels on mastodon. Technically it works very well. 👍But I have some concerns:
1. if successful, it might run into scalability issues similar to @crossposter
2. additional instances solving 1. will result in duplicated clones
3. copyright of account owners could be violated
4. clone profiles lack an service explanation
5. original account owners have no control about clones
6. clones might be recognized as identity theft due to 3. to 5.

@vincent @elonmusk

I saw this BirdsiteLive fork also uses soapbox reposts for quote tweets. I think this wouldn't work on Mastodon, but maybe it helps:

@vincent @elonmusk Thanks to this, I've been able to follow the only two accounts that I kept my Twitter account active to follow.

@vincent is amazing! Does its operation result in any activity on the birdsite that the muskrat can monetize?

@VoiceofDuum None at all! He gets no ad impression, no data and no revenue from this

@vincent A friend just showed me a toot of one of my tweets from earlier today that I deleted. I can't see any of the toots from that bot on my instance... is there any chance that toots of tweets get deleted when tweets are deleted? Does the bot toot all of my replies? Twitter is my place to argue with science deniers, Mastodon is supposed to be my safe space with reasonable people :D

@BattlingBeaver they stop being replicated, but they are not deleted if they are already on Mastodon servers no... I want to do something that does it but it's quite hard

@vincent I figured as much... I can't see any of them on my server, they only showed up on my friends. Is there any way for someone to access their bot and manually delete tweets?


Hallo. This '' instance of yours has roused a clamour among my Japanese co-mastodonians. Some are arguing about blocking the domain.

The problems are already described in other replies, so I'd like to give some ideas for your next update:

1) Authorization by the original twitter account owner required.

2) The account name should carry 'BOT' as its part, e.g., vincentBOT@bird... & 'Vincent Cloutier(BOT)'. (Present pattern doesn't make it clear to everyone.)

3) No boost possible.

I believe, if you could equip the site with these features, it truly would help us much better.


@adachika192 banning the domain is okay. Plenty of servers do and I find it reasonable. 1) Twitter sells data to anyone who wants them. You don’t own your tweets. People should delete their Twitter account if they are not comfortable with that 2) I already do (see picture and pardon the french). All accounts announce themselves as not. Agree that mastodon apps should display bots better 3) Except the previous point, why?


Thanks for a light-speed response. 😉

Well, talking about Nr. 2), I mean not only in profile but also with every single toot (tweet) in everyone's TL. You cannot expect people to click every time to check if an account is a BOT or original.

Actually, it is most crucial for me, to brand the Bot as clearly as possible.

Hope I made my point.

With all the respect and best wishes Hi, I checked and follow some accounts in this instance, but several days ago, we cannot receive any post from . something went wrong?

@vincent @elonmusk Hi, if you become a Patreon are the server pushes more often/quicker? Thanks!

@doren @elonmusk not right now but I’m considering something like that


Hallo. Obviously your '' system is not working well.

Attached is a toot by, who is complaining about your Bot account of hers showing a false display name.

And a screenshot of the real twitter profile, for your convenience.

In case you have some problem with Japanese, I am willing to help.


@vincent Hey Vincent, does this still work given the recent bird site API changes?

@hiramfromthechi yes it will! Your mastodon server blocks though

@vincent Ah, no wonder. Is there a list (even if short) of Mastodon instances that play nicely with

@vincent @elonmusk . Vincent, I’m not very literate about this: is bird@makeup counted by Elmo as a hit when I access a post? I don’t want to give him more energy.

@vincent Hey, Freyja Katra Valentine (@freyjaerlings on twitter) requested that you take down her bot from Twitter.
she doesn't have a masto account (and after this bullshit, no desire to create one) so I'm doing it on her behalf, but you can confirm on this tweet:

So please do that as soon as possible.

@vincent Thank you so much for This is probably the most exciting project for Mastodon than Mastodon itself! I will donate soon. 🙂


Hey, you have mirrored my twitter account. Please take it down now.

@PaulaToThePeople Hey Paula, can you do something about this. It seems Vincent has mirrored my Twitter account and set up a patreon for himself. Not okay.
Thank you,
Sharon, the real one.

@vincent Awesome stuff you're doing here! Great way to get my twitter fix while being able to be away from it with a lawn chair and a tub of popcorn. Give me a couple of days to get paid and I'll throw a couple of coffees your way! Cheers.

@vincent @elonmusk You created a replica account on Mastodon of our #edtechSR podcast without permission:

We already have a Mastodon channel up and running:

Can you please take down / remove the unauthorized account / channel? Thanks.

@vincent Hi. An user on the birdsite is complaining about being "cloned" on your Mastodon instance. She is very anoyed. She's asking for Mastodon to block the account. Could you please deactivate that account?

@vincent Are you getting permission from the twt acct owner before you clone their acct on bird.markup? You should. Can people have their bird.markup clone deleted? If yes, how?


How do I get an account of mine removed from

@vincent @elonmusk Is there a for following Bluesky accounts? Or would that be possible?
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