Guys I didn’t change anything yet and started working again 🤯


Hi Vincent.

Can you explain why our instance has only ±2000 followers relationships, but our DB knows 300k+ accounts?

@jorijn @vincent That’s every other account those 2000 followed users are interacting with.

@adam @jorijn That or interactions from fediverse users with replicated accounts

@vincent it looks like it is kind of working. It pulls a few new tweets for some accounts but misses most tweets. For some accounts it doesn’t pull any.

@vincent wonder what started breaking internally that they had to bring the endpoint back

@vincent ah ok. First of all, thanks for your amazing work on! Unfortunately, I'm getting a lot of errors trying to add any new user. Am I missing something? You can try with Infoatac user for example

@vincent Unfortunately, it's still not working for me.

@vincent Did not get anything from my followed accounts since 2 days

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