@lauren I'm maintaining bird.makeup/ to follow people that I'm missing here. You are welcome to use it too!

Here's what a Football World Cup match (Croatia vs Brazil) looks like (network edge egress) at various points when it goes to extra time then penalties...
#WorldCup #CroatiaVsBrazil #Football

There was a time I wanted a Tesla but whooooboy is that desire gone gone gone.

@seldo That's about right, except for all the things I'm using it for, I'm not using it for anything.

I don't want to change your mind or anything, but I'm curious why you see it as a hopeless technology?

@seldo I do have lots of friends who have one, and when we split bills we use them to settle things.

In non-financial things, I'm excited for communication apps like status.im/ where ENS can be use as a portable identity (and ENS subdomains can now be issued without involving tokens) and everything can be made serverless and open. It's not quite production ready though

Also use it to learn some maths 😜 vitalik.eth.limo/general/2019/


- You can point to a twitter account too, and there are extensions that do the equivalent of the "rel=me" verification of mastodon but with .eth domains

There is more type of records, but those are the ones I use daily


So ENS is just like DNS in that you can have many types of records:

- You can use a record to point to an address, so that instead of seeing 0xd8dA6BF26964aF9D7eEd9e03E53415D37aA96045 you have vitalik.eth. Almost all apps support this, ex: etherscan.io/address/vitalik.e

- You can use it to point to content on IPFS (a bittorrent-like thing without tokens). Brave supports it natively, otherwise you can also bridges like .limo or .link. Ex: ethereum.eth.limo/

@seldo 🖐️

I actually end up using them daily!

(Sorry if that was a rhetorical question and you weren't actually curious)

I wonder if people who drive to the gym to do some pretend cycling have considered cycling to the video game arcade to do some pretend driving instead.


apt install package

is just curl | sh with a bit more wrapping paper

now ChatGPT seems really impressive and all but you have to remember that you can be tricked into thinking a rock has feelings by drawing a cute face on it

@sundress could you link to that paper? I would like to read it!

A few folks have said, "Marketing can never work on the Fediverse."

Actually, it already does.

For example, @Raspberry_Pi

Not only are people happy to see them, they're thrilled that that @Raspberry_Pi is using a Raspberry Pi to host their own instance.

That is exceptional marketing.

It's the sort of thing that people on the Fediverse embrace with open arms.

Why? Because @Raspberry_Pi knows they're not selling a product -- they're supporting a cause.

That's why their marketing works.

Finally time to reveal the good news:

@wikimediaDE has joined the Fediverse on their own server social.wikimedia.de. And I got a job moderating for them.

There will also be another server for all the Wikimedia projects, communities, groups and so on... so stay tuned.

Btw the clues were the many custom emojis I "hid" on climatejustice.social. Here are just a few: :WikiMedia: :WikiMedia2: :wiki: :WikiCommons: ...

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elon’s life is just a series of humiliating events but this might make the top 5 most mortifying t.co/MZxdOugzww

As you may know, I am working on a bridge that allows following people on twitter from mastodon: https://bird.makup

So for this friday, here are some institutions that you may find missing here:


and finally 😅 :

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