And we are back*, baby!

* with the limitation on popular tweets for now

And no retweets, but I did notice I can get pinned tweets though

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@vincent I’m still getting the development mode error.

@vincent I still have yet to see a single one since then. Do we need to unfollow and refollow them? Or is it just going to take some time to catch up?

@kvenden @vincent FYI I’m only seeing a few tweets from some and none from others.

@kvenden @vincent

same here. just tried unfollowing and re following a bunch of accounts. we'll see.

4 posts from a person followed by 15 people via recently appeared in my feed. All 4 posts were 8-10 days old, and the person has definitely tweeted more recently than that.

I also follow other, presumably more popular people via, and no posts from them have appeared in my feed.

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