Looks like Twitter has made it so that when you look up a profile without being logged in, you see posts ranked by likes instead of by time. This will be a problem…

@vincent definitely a problem if you want to look for public government agencies without being logged in and you see garbage info from 3 years ago.

@jerome I designed bird.makeup from the beginning to rely on endpoints that would break major use-cases of their product like yours if they ever remove them.

Turns out Elon is perfectly willing to break them, which completely blows my mind

Having said that, with the new restrictions, I can make bird.makeup work again but with severe limitations: only posts with lots of likes will be forwarded.

Is that worth doing?

I have also been prototyping bird.makeup for Instagram, which will be called kilogram.makeup.

Should I focus my energy on that instead?

@vincent I’ve been using bird.makeup primarily to follow accounts commenting on US politics, and for regional accounts. Some of these accounts came over to Mastodon briefly, but retreated back to twitter. Some never made the move here.

You briefly had a post saying that only the most popular posts might be able to be retrieved from now on. I bet the accounts I follow won’t qualify. Assuming “influencers” have opened threads accounts, is that why you ask about prioritizing FB/IG?

@vincent Thanks to your work I was able to close my Twitter account. I think doing it via Instagram will overcome a good part of the problem that Twitter has just brought. Thanks a lot mate!

@vincent I'm loving the conflicting poll responses so far. "Fixing bird isn't worth it! But you should do it!"

@LukeJohnson@fediscience.org @vincent@social.librem.one I personally voted no and work on kilogram

I'd rather suffer than have stuff forwarded being only based on the top 100 liked posts on that account

@vincent I'd say I'm a mild yes to the first - sure it's not ideal but still much better than nothing 👍

@LukeJohnson@fediscience.org @vincent@social.librem.one

I think it's that it's not worth it if it's based on posts with tons of like. However, if it can be fixed so that it still imports it chronologically, then "fix bird first". That's how I interpret the conflicting polling answers.

I swear Twitter is doing this on purpose to kill off scraping bots.

@LukeJohnson @vincent personnaly, I saw the second pool before the first one


Fixing the bird only encourages folks to keep posting there, now more than ever seeking the outrage juice that gets them reach.

IG on the other hand, in my use of it, is local focus, it's how I keep in with the in-crowd of local venues, events and artists, most of whom tell me they've never heard of the Fediverse and are quite happy to stay put.

Even busking, when given a handle, folks will assume IG. While I'd love if IG folks could follow me, the converse would still be useful.

@vincent A lot of accounts I follow on Twitter are also on Instagram. So I think Instagram would be more interesting, at least while Threads is still off the fediverse.

More accounts are currently moving to Bluesky.

The other ones... well, it's a shame. But apart from being able to search for a single post in bird.makeup and reshare it here (like copy/pasting a Twitter's post URL), I'm not sure it will still be useful.

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