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I'm really getting a kick out of producing the "Weekly Tech News" with my bud, @gbryant.

It's short. It's tech news. It's... just goofy. Makes me smile.



FreeDOS's Linux Roots
June 29, 2019, the FreeDOS Project turns 25 years old. That's a major milestone for any open-source software project! In honor of this anniversary, Jim Hall shares this look at how FreeDOS got started and describes its Linux roots.

Nextcloud announces a new collaborative rich text editor called Nextcloud Text, not "a replacement to a full office suite, but rather a distraction-free, focused way of writing rich-text documents alone or together with others."

Download our #Linux Laptop Buyer's Guide (free). It was published in Dec 2018 but still very useful today. In it we review the:
* Chromebook
* Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition
* @purism Librem 13v2
* @system76 Oryx Pro

Runs on Librem 5, Day 5:

GNOME Dictionary & Orientation Switching

Today's piece in the Mercury News:

Headline: New generation of tech firms urges stronger privacy laws

Reject Big Tech efforts to weaken California law and regulate us. Seriously.

By Purism CEO, @todd and Brave CEO, @BrendanEich

Ever dream of getting a 15" Librem laptop for $799?

Dream no longer, my friends. This is just for a limited time.

Librem 15 v3 No-TPM (UK keyboard): $799

Librem 15 v3 (UK or DE keyboard): $999

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