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Ever dream of getting a 15" Librem laptop for $799?

Dream no longer, my friends. This is just for a limited time.

Librem 15 v3 No-TPM (UK keyboard): $799

Librem 15 v3 (UK or DE keyboard): $999

@purism As a person who lives in a developing country, it is a bit pricey

@megriffin @purism
Well. It's the very-much-on-sale price. Won't get better than that any time soon, unfortunately. However, on the forums, somebody is currently selling a used on for half of that.

@purism is there any difference between a UK and US keyboard? Also do they ship to Canada?

@LPS The differences beetween US English and UK English keyboards are minor, but worth noting. The addition of the British Pounds key and the placement of a few of the symbol keys (@ and ") are different. Otherwise it's an English keyboard.

@purism I'll keep dreaming, maybe one day I'll be able to afford one. :blobcatgooglyshrug:

@yisraeldov Make sure to select the UK or DE keyboard layouts. It'll show the right price.

@purism You teases. I'm still saving up. $999 USD exchanged to CAD plus some customs is about $1300 CAD. I'm at...let's see...carry the privacy...add the hopes and dreams...ah yes. A couple more months. =D

@ariella @purism are you aware of the split payment, 12mo, same price?
Such an offer will probably not come back soon.

@danielst @purism Hmmm? No I'm not aware of different payment options. I'll have a look. Thanks!

@danielst @purism Oh I see. It's a credit authorized hold system. I think I'd rather pay all at once than have a hold on my balance.

@purism there is some weirdness going on on your store.
Librem 15 v3 No-TPM (UK keyboard) is $799 only when you select the UK keyboard. Why is that? Is it intentional?

@petre Totally intentional! If you want a UK English keyboard layout, you get a great deal!

Then add a hint or something, because I stumbled upon it totally by mistake...

@purism : what is TPM? Does it mean a v4 is on the way?

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