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GF: "I'm a little bit hungry."

Me: "I'm a little bit Rock and Roll."

GF: "I'm pretty sure you're more country."

Me: "I'm definitely more Osmond than Osbourne."

I'm waiting for the day when CBS announces DS9 is getting an HD remaster. After seeing What We Leave Behind, I really want this to happen.

My latest video was over 12 hours overdue. But it's a good one.


There won't be a video today. I made one. Got it completely done and scheduled. And then realized that I got my facts completely wrong. So... no video.

Me: *playing Zelda, die and slam controller into ottoman*

GF: "You know, a whole new side of you comes out when you play video games."

Me: "Oh yeah? Is it sexy?"

GF: [Without missing a beat] "I'm sure it is for someone."

When you're staying at a hotel and the Internet goes down, so you poke your head into the IT closet and reset the cable modem without permission.

San Francisco: Use of face recognition technology by law enforcement chills free speech, exacerbates biased policing, and threatens to fundamentally change how we exist in public spaces. Take action now. Support the Stop Secret Surveillance Ordinance. act.eff.org/action/san-francis

We just hired a 60 year old woman at my day job. As I was helping her with an IT issue, she asked:

"Do you still live at home?"

To which I replied, "with my parents? No."

"Ahh," she said, "are you by yourself?"

"How do you mean?"

"Well, do you have a girlfriend?" She asked.

I proudly replied, "I do, actually."

"Oh! That's good! Well, I'm not hitting on you or anything."

I didn't think she was until she said she wasn't. I'm counting this as the SECOND INSTANCE of her hitting on me. xD

If you haven't heard "Father Of The Bride" by Vampire Weekend, I highly suggest it. It's an excellent album.

So much drama in the SPC
It's kinda hard being T-O-double-D
But, he, somehow, someway, keeps on comin' up with Librem hardware every single day

He's got coders in the chat room buildin' a phone
They ain't leavin' till 6 in the morn (PST)
Now we gonna pick a license for this. GNU's up, closed's down while you other developers code to this.

Rollin' down the street, writin' free code, licensed for GNU, laid back, with my mind on the Librem and the Librem on my mind.


It's that time of week again. I found a couple of guys that have been missing from the Fediverse for a while!

@lunduke podcaster and YouTuber that has the happiest Linux show in the 'Verse! You can't stop the signal, Mal!

@gbryant YouTuber and all around awesome guy! Talks games and Linux and all sorts of fun stuff!

@purism pretty cool company in my estimation. Stay up to date with new hardware with these guys! Especially the #Librem5.

@purism I know you guys are sort busy, but I'd really like to see a unified UI/UX for the apps.

Is it just me or is KDenLive's new timeline _completely_ broken? I can't cut clips. Switching to the cut tool makes a red line appear at the left edge of my visible timeline and I end up having to switch back and forth between Cut and Select a few times before I'm able to actually Cut.

You'll have to forgive the lack of camera tonight... but I had to make this video.


Good morning lovely people. Don't be afraid to tell someone you love how you feel today and make sure to spread joy. The world is a wonderful place despite all that is tragic and scary.

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