Do you guys have a question for the Off Topical Podcast tomorrow?

I'm really excited for my . @purism can you send me mine early to get a review out on launch day? Haha

We are getting _so close_ to our next goal on Patreon! If you believe in what I do, consider becoming a patron. And to those of you who already are patrons: <3

The Off Topical Podcast now has an official YouTube channel. Subscribe and maybe you'll find two tokens for the giveaway... maybe you'll find more?

This just in: I will not be changing the name of my channel. 😆

I got an error when trying to link my Librem Social account with my new LiberaPay account. I thought they were being cheeky, but then I realized they wanted me to use instead.

If YouTube has taught me one thing: it's that this number is meaningless. Still, I'm grateful to all 45k of you who have SMASHED that Subscribe button! <3

This morning's video *could* be the best video I've ever made. More than 10 hours of editing on this video. Holy cow.

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